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  • Vigil Battery Replacements At Manufacturer Only

    In case you missed the change back in January 2017, Advanced Aerospace Designs is now requiring all versions of the Vigil AAD units to have the battery replaced at AAD Belgium or Vigil America.

    The Vigil II, 2+ and Cuatro battery has a lifespan of +/- 5 years or minimum 2000 jumps and must be replaced at 10 years.

    Information bulletins on battery replacements and servicing can be found at these links: Continue reading

  • Using The ChutingStar Rigger Closing Hook

    ChutingStar's Rigger Closing Hook is a unique parachute rigging tool used for closing reserve containers.

    Those who have attended a ChutingStar Rigger School Course or one of our Parachute Industry Association Symposium Seminars, have seen up close how the tool is used.  But if you haven't, the tool isn't exactly self-explainable.

    So here's a short video on how it's attached to the pullup cord and how a parachute rigger uses it for closing the reserve container.

    How To Use The ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Hook from ChutingStar. Continue reading

  • Which Parachute Rigger Press Seals the Deal?

    Over the years, ChutingStar Parachute Riggers have used a wide variety of seal presses. Some of these were commonly available and others were obtained with long searching, persistent inquiries and the utmost patience (it took one year to get a unique press from Germany).

    ChutingStar started selling Parachute Rigging Seal Presses to our rigging students, and then later, to riggers worldwide once we found a quality press and engraver. It must be a tough business as over the past 20 years, we've seen a few seal press manufacturers come and go.  Continue reading

  • So You Wanna Be A Parachute Rigger?

    Packing parachutes while all of your friends are jumping out of airplanes all day or packing late into the night while they relax and party doesn't seem to make sense to most skydivers. But only riggers know the internal rewards of the mostly thankless profession of parachute rigging.

    FAA Master Parachute Riggers Steve, Mike & Vitaly at ChutingStar Rigging Loft. FAA Master Parachute Riggers Steve, Mike & Vitaly at ChutingStar Rigging Loft.

    Continue reading

  • CYPRES: Cutter Replacement

    The cutter on a CYPRES2 can be replaced by your local rigger. The cutter should be replaced if damaged and/or if it is fired.

    To replace the cutter, turn off the CYPRES2 unit. Unplug the cutter. Plug in the new cutter. Continue reading

  • CYPRES2: Filter Replacement

    The CYPRES2 is waterproof for up to 24 hours down to 5 feet. If the unit gets wet, the filter must be replaced.

    You will need a water filter replacement tool from Airtec and a new filter. Place the tool onto the filter and twist counterclockwise to remove the older filter. Dry any remaining water where the water filter is located. Continue reading

  • Vigil II: Battery Replacement

    Note: Vigil Manufacturer, AAD, no longer supplies batteries for replacement by the user or riggers. Vigil owners must now send their units into Vigil America or AAD to have the battery replaced (see here). These instructions below were made when the batteries were available separately.

    The Vigil II battery is designed to last a minimum of 2000 jumps. The manufacturer recommends replacement at 5 years and mandates replacement at 10 years.

    Vigil II: Battery Replacement Vigil II: Battery Replacement

    Continue reading

  • Replacing Vigil II Cutter/Display

    The Cutter and Display are replaceable by your local rigger. The Display must be of the correct version for your unit, so check with the manufacturer. All Vigil II displays are interchangeable.

    Unscrew both Phillips head closing screws and separate the main box casing. Gently lift-up and remove the cutter or display, keeping the rubber seal in place. Insert the new cutter or display through the rubber seal without damage. Seat the rubber seal in the appropriate grooves. Continue reading

  • Argus AAD Battery Replacement

    Note: Video states a 1-year replacement period for Argus batteries, but the manufacturer has since changed its requirement to every repack, 500 jumps or Batt Low reading.

    Two CR123A Lithium batteries are to be replaced every repack, every 500 jumps or when the unit displays Batt Low or Batt Rpl.

    Unscrew Phillips head closing screw. Remove old batteries. Insert new batteries noting the polarity marks on the outside of the unit. Re-install battery back plate and tighten closing screw to snug. Continue reading

  • Slider Blocks: The Slider Keeper Without Rig Attachment

    Past posts on rigging forums at one time focused on one manufacturer's solution to keeping a collapsed slider at the base of the risers after opening without anchoring the slider to the container. Many jumpers have concerns about a number of slider holders that connect the slider to the top of the reserve container, which could potentially cause a cutaway delay.

    When Team Method (Steve-O Utter, T.J. Landgren and Nate Gilbert) arrived at Atlanta Skydiving Center in 2001, the freefly team showed-off a new slider block design. Over the next few years, ChutingStar riggers tweaked and modified the design for strength, durability and aesthetics.

    Stowed Slider with Slider Blocks Stowed Slider with Slider Blocks

    Continue reading

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