The GoPro HERO9 is now out, and it's slightly bigger all the way around. So now it's a race to figure out how to mount it on your skydiving helmet!

First-off the HERO9 can mount to any mount that attaches to the bottom GoPro attachment spindles. This means the Vmag system can be used right now for your HERO9 on a Cookie G4, G3, KISS or Skyhelmet Funjin.

There also is a HERO9 top mount option already available from Zkulls for TFX, G3 and G4 with a cutaway option.We're talking with the other helmet mount manufacturers that use a base cradle or cage, to see when they'll have HERO9 mounts, but we did find that the HERO9 kinda fits on the old HERO2 Cookie Roller Mount. It does have a possible snag point on the back though. See some images here:

As we get more mounting options for the HERO9, we'll post the links and info in this blog.

Here are the current mounts that do work for the GoPro HERO9: