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  • So You Wanna Be A Parachute Rigger?

    Packing parachutes while all of your friends are jumping out of airplanes all day or packing late into the night while they relax and party doesn't seem to make sense to most skydivers. But only riggers know the internal rewards of the mostly thankless profession of parachute rigging.

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  • Artist Joel Figueroa Signature ChutingStar Deck

    Local artist and skater Joel Figueroa has been a godsend to the local skater community around ChutingStar in more ways than one.

    Joel has become a fixture at ChutingStar over the past two years, frequently lending a helping hand behind the camera during the Best Trick Sunday Contests. He also has been a mentor to local kids needing an outlet to skate.

    "That place (ChutingStar Skate Park) has been a lifesaver for me when the weather is nasty or when I didn't want to venture too far away from home," says Joel. "I have been taking kids from some poor areas to different skate spots and parks for the last seven years.  Helping them out with boards when I can since some of their parents cant afford to. There have been days when ChutingStar was the only place I could afford to take them to so its nice to have an outlet for them so close. Without skateboarding none of these moments would have been experienced by these kids."

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  • Flat Broke Sale Section Helping Skydivers & Skaters

    ChutingStar launched a Flat Broke Sale section to it's web site yesterday morning listing just under 100 helmets and skateboards at $5 each. The idea was to help out skydivers and skaters who needed some essential items that ChutingStar was able to essentially donate for the price of shipping.

    The news of the sale spread like a wild fire on social media after a quick post on Facebook. And within a few hours, we had sold out of the 63 helmets offered and 12 skateboard decks. Continue reading

  • ChutingStar Boogie Tour Hits The Road!

    The ChutingStar Boogie Shop had become a dependable presence at many boogies over the past several years, but took 2015 off to focus on new crew members, the DeLand shop move and our new web site.

    Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! It's a brand new year and with a jam packed calendar for the ChutingStar Crew...to include taking the show on the road!

    Laura Bales, who is celebrating her 5th year at ChutingStar, and more than 10 years of skydiving, will be coming to a drop zone near you as the ChutingStar Boogie Shop is all geared up to travel. Continue reading

  • ChutingStar-DeLand Moving Sale Dec. 15-31

    Save 30% off ALL in-stock items at ChutingStar-DeLand Dec. 15-31 during our moving sale!

    Includes everything in the store (except rigs, canopies and AADs). Save 30% on Cookie Helmets, Cameras, Altimeters, Gear Bags, Footwear and all accessories. If it's in the store, it's 30%-Off! Continue reading

  • ChutingStar-DeLand Moving To Georgia Jan. 1

    ChutingStar will be moving our DeLand, Florida, shop, loft and staff to our Marietta, Georgia, Headquarters on Jan. 1.

    378774_10150507589575049_597201743_n ChutingStar-DeLand opened in 2011 as the third location for ChutingStar.

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  • 3-Day ChutingStar Skate Park Warehouse Sale

    ChutingStar Skate Park & Shop is hosting a 3-Day Warehouse Sale in Marietta to get you all G'd Up for the holidays with unheard of sales on Decks, Shoes, Socks, Helmets and pre-built Completes!

    The sale will be inside the ChutingStar Skate Park at 1349 Old 41 Hwy NW, Suite 105, Marietta GA 30060. We'll be open Noon-8 p.m., Dec. 11-13 (Friday-Sunday).  Continue reading

  • Bones Brigade Christmas Ornaments Arrive!

    The holiday season can officially start with the arrival of the 2015 Bones Brigade 6 Ornaments Box Set.

    The box of set includes one ornament for each of the Bones Brigade Crew of Guerrero, Caballero, McGill, Mountain, Hawk and Mullen.

    Last year, the ornaments sold out in 3 hours! Continue reading

  • ChutingStar Lookbook Skate Goods Catalog Out!

    The latest lookbook ChutingStar Skate Goods Catalog has been published in a digital format bringing together our newest and most popular skate products into an easy-to-read 12-page format.

    You can either order a free print copy at this link.

    Or you can click through the digital format right here.

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  • Vigil PSB 01-2015 Affects 1900+ Units

    Advanced Aerospace Designs, manufacturer of the Vigil AAD, sent out a new Product Service Bulletin today that affects more than 1900 Vigil AAD units with cutters manufactured this year.

    The PSB is a mandatory cutter inspection requiring each cutter to be sent back to Vigil America or AAD. The inspection is due to a severed closing loop due to rough edges inside a Vigil cutter. The manufacturer will be inspecting each of these cutters for sharp or rough edges for repair or replacement, and then return to each skydiver.

    To see if your cutter is affected, see the SN's on the full PSB here:  Vigil PSB 01-2015. Continue reading

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