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  • Which Fullface Skydiving Helmet To Purchase?

    10 years ago, open face helmets were the norm for skydiving and only RW teams used fullface skydiving helmets. But with the increase of wind tunnels over our planet as well as so many different disciplines of closer proximity skydiving, many jumpers and tunnel flyers go straight to a fullface helmet as their first and only helmet.

    With several different versions and brands to choose from, which one should you go with? We'll lay out the features, differences, prices as well as highlight some customer reviews, so you can make the most educated choice possible. Continue reading

  • Triple SuperStars Rewards March Madness!

    It's March Madness at ChutingStar all month long as we've sweetened the SuperStars Rewards Program with TRIPLE the points for all online orders March 1-31!

    And if you're not familiar with ChutingStar SuperStars, and don't already know it's as awesome as knives, chicks and fire trucks, then read all about our customer rewards program right here. Continue reading

  • Love Is In The Air February @ ChutingStar!

    February 2017 is the Month of Love at ChutingStar as we've packed our site with coupon codes and offers you can't refuse as we beat back those new price increases from the manufacturers!

    We lead off February with a $100 online coupon code. Promo code SAVING100 gives you $100 off any order of $1000 or more! This coupon code is only good through Feb. 28, 2017, so get shopping! Continue reading

  • Earn Rewards Points Sharing ChutingStar Love!

    ChutingStar's SuperStars Rewards Points Program just jumped to the next level of awesomeness with the introduction of the Affiliate Program!ChutingStar SuperStars Rewards

    So what is this Affiliate Program we speak of? The quick and dirty is that you can earn 1000 Points ($10) for the first order of a new ChutingStar.com customer and 100% matching points for that order and every order after! What?!? Yep, that's the scoop!

    Here's how it works... Continue reading

  • Black Friday & Beyond Deals @ ChutingStar!

    It's HERE! Black Friday 2016 Baby! The holiday season is upon us...and for shoppers like you, it all starts the day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday.

    Holiday Sales 2016 at ChutingStar!The ChutingStar Crew has loaded up our site with tons of discounted items and sales sections. In order to get you where you need to be before the sale gear and goods are gone, here's the Top 10 List below of what to find where, along with additional coupon codes to save you even more cash this holiday season.

    Continue reading

  • Skydiving Gear Savings Something Special in 2016

    Because skydiving is such a small niche in the realm of things to do with our time on Earth, the community of manufacturers were slow to actually have any type of holiday sales. The frame of thought was that specialized gear for skydiving was the same price on Black Friday as it was any other time of the year...no exceptions. Take it or leave it.Holiday Skydiving Equipment Sales at ChutingStar!

    Well sometime around 2010 or so, that changed, in part thanks to ChutingStar's cutting-edge online web store and our decision to go ahead and discount some items for our customers, even though we weren't getting it any cheaper from the manufacturer. Since that time, every year, a few more manufacturers get in the holiday spirit, and have started actually really discounting items, to further allow us to have a true holiday sales season for shoppers with patience to wait until now to dole out that cash.

    And 2016, has turned out to be the best ever for discounts on the big items...containers, canopies and full gear packages! Here's the rundown, so you don't miss any of them: Continue reading

  • Above All Else...Read This Book!

    ChutingStar has been carrying Dan BC's book Above All Else for the past 5 years, and we have sold well over 100 copies, but I had never taken the time to read the book until this past week.

    WOW...what have I been waiting for? What a story of life...from pursuing your dreams to just trying to survive to a glimpse of the afterlife as well as perseverance, determination and the rewards of never giving up.Above All Else

    Above All Else is a page-turner from the first chapter account of his conversation with his teammate James in the afterlife while Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld was in a coma to the step-by-step personal and business guidance at the end for "Playing to Win." Continue reading

  • So Many Ways To Save $$$ @ ChutingStar!

    ChutingStar makes it easy for you to save plenty of money when buying all the gear, goods and toys you want and need  to enjoy your days of skydiving and skating to the fullest.

    Here are some of the many ways you can reduce the price of each product or save on shipping fees.

    #1. ChutingStar SuperStars Rewards Program!

    When we launched the latest version of our website in October of 2015, we were able to incorporate an online customer loyalty program that rewards those that purchase frequently from ChutingStar. So for every $1 spent you earn 1 point, and every 100 points is worth $1 to spend on future purchases.ChutingStar SuperStars Rewards

    There are no limits to the number of points you can earn and spend. Ways to earn points include: Continue reading

  • STELLA Adds Twist to Analog Altimeters Lineup

    With the release of the STELLA electronic analog altimeter by LB Altimeters (aka Larsen & Brusgaard), skydivers woke up to a brand new world in analog altimeters to choose from this week.

    Even manufacturer Mads Larsen was surprised by the demand and response a few days before initial STELLA orders shipped out.

    "The STELLA seems to have become very popular even though nobody has jumped it, yet..." he told ChutingStar.STELLA Electronic Analog Altimeter Continue reading

  • Parachute Systems Offers Gear Rebate for New Skydivers!

    Parachute Systems is offering additional discounts on its container, main canopies and reserve canopy to new skydivers who have earned their first skydiving license this year!Parachute Systems

    If using all the available discounts in this offer, a new skydiver can save an additional $325 of a complete new rig from Parachute Systems. Continue reading

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