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  1. PD Slinks: Identification, Wear, and Other Uses

    PD Slinks come in Reserve Canopy and Main Canopy versions.
    Reserve Slinks have a yellow tab with an SR-1 identifier. The Spectra is thicker and longer than the main Slink. Main Slinks have a white tab with an SM-1 identifier. The Spectra is thinner and shorter than the reserve Slink. Continue reading
  2. PD Slinks: Installation without Bumpers

    To install PD Slinks without the bumpers so you can bring the slider down to the base of the risers you will want to tack the tab inside the riser.
    Assemble the Slink normally with two passes through the lines/riser. Position the tab centered inside the riser and push toward the top of the riser. Continue reading
  3. Installing PD Slinks with Bumpers

    The PD Slink bumpers keep the tab hidden in the risers, keeps the slider at the top of the risers after deployment and focuses wear on the bumper instead of the riser.
    Put the bumper over the riser and open up a pathway with your fingers for the Slink to pass through the riser. Route the Slink through the line group (in the correct continuity) and the riser twice. Routed the end of the Slink through the hole at the hole at the bottom of the tab and then insert the tab through the loop at the end of the Slink. This creates a larks head knot. Pull tight and hide the tab inside the riser. Continue reading
  4. Rigging for the Naked Skydive

    (Published in Blue Skies Magazine) The range of naked skydiving experience is far and wide. For some, their only skydive ever was naked courtesy of a tandem jump sans clothes, perhaps with Fast Eddie of Huntsville, Ala. Fast Eddie Grantland has taken 111 naked tandem passengers since 1991. Number 111 was two weeks ago. For some, it’s just something to do to change it up a bit. Warren Cleary of Atlanta makes one naked jump a year on his birthday and has done so for the past four years. Says Cleary, “Me and my buddy’s birthday are one day apart and one year we just said, ‘Lets go jump naked.’” He’s been doing it every year ever since. Continue reading
  5. NEOS Hard Openings Addressed by Icarus Canopies

    Icarus Canopies has issued a Service Bulletin to address hard openings of its unique NEOS canopy. The NEOS is a high-performance canopy that is partially cross-braced in the center of the parachute. Reports of hard openings were verified by Icarus, and after a test program, the company found adjusting the line trim on the C1 lines solved the issue. Continue reading
  6. Argus Ruggedized Kit Installation

    The Argus Ruggedized Kit consists of a black metal face plate, stainless steel button and super glue. This kit protects LCD display screen against routine knocks to the display from use, packing or transportation. 12 small dots of super glue are placed around the outside edge of the face of the unit. 5 along top, 5 along bottom and 1 on each side. The button is centered on the logo, where the current press-button is located. No super glue is used to hold the button in place. Continue reading
  7. Argus Cutter & Display Replacement

    Both the display and cutter are secured through a screw-on connection. The cutter has a 3-prong connection. The display has a 4-prong connection. Once the new cutter and/or display has been installed, turn on unit to verify the Argus unit passes the systems checks. Continue reading
  8. Argus: Filters, Screw and Ring

    One filter is located on the inside on the battery back plate. A second filter can be installed on the outside of the battery back plate for swoopers who may get the unit wet on a regular basis. To replace the filter, pick the old filter off and stick the new filter on. The filter or filters must be replaced after getting wet and/or damaged. Once a filter is removed, it can not be used again. The closing screw is a small Phillips head screw that secures the back plate to the Argus unit. It should be snug/hand tight. Continue reading

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