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  1. Save On These Skydiving Gear Sales!

    Discounts usually are a rare thing in skydiving, but several manufacturers have sale offers currently available. Take advantage of these while they last if you're in the market for a helmet, container, canopy or full rig! Here's the rundown on current deals:
    • Firebird Stimulus Package Deals on the EVO container with extras or the EVO + Rush Reserve + AAD
    • UPT Stock Container Sale
    • PD Demo, Clearance and Resale Canopy Sale
    • 40% off the base price of any In-Stock Wings Container.
    • KISS Full Face Helmet now $299!
    • New GoPro cameras! Check out the latest GoPro cameras & add a HERO9 or HERO8 to your cart for a surprise discount.
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  2. New X Housing Handcam System

    The handcam system used by many tandem instructors is continually changing and updating due to GoPro cameras changing size and features every year. For several years, from the HERO3 to the Sessions to the HERO7, the Pivot Pad handcam system by Chris Warnock of Funjump Rigging was the goto setup. But with the release of the HERO8 and then HERO9, Funjump took a break from the high cost of engineering new housings due to the lack of quality parts available for its base glove when the HERO8 was released last year. In the meantime, X-Shut was offering a Pivot Pad Adapter that allowed those who loved the Pivot Pad Housings the ability to connect it to its X-Shut Handcam Glove, which has the added feature of a cutaway system. Now with the Pivot Pad Glove Base completely discontinued and unavailable, except in the used market, Funjump is focusing on utilizing that X-Shut Pivot Pad Adapter for a new series of housings...the X Housings. These housings are now specifically made to be assembled and used with the X-Shut Handcam Glove, X-Shut Pivot Pad X Housing Adapter and X-Shut Flat-Mount Insert. For now, we have 3 different X Housings available: Continue reading
  3. GoPro HERO9 Mounting Options

    The GoPro HERO9 is now out, and it's slightly bigger all the way around. So now it's a race to figure out how to mount it on your skydiving helmet! First-off the HERO9 can mount to any mount that attaches to the bottom GoPro attachment spindles. This means the Vmag system can be used right now for your HERO9 on a Cookie G4, G3, KISS or Skyhelmet Funjin. There also is a HERO9 top mount option already available from Zkulls for TFX, G3 and G4 with a cutaway option.We're talking with the other helmet mount manufacturers that use a base cradle or cage, to see when they'll have HERO9 mounts, but we did find that the HERO9 kinda fits on the old HERO2 Cookie Roller Mount. It does have a possible snag point on the back though. See some images here: Continue reading
  4. 2020 Digital Altimeter Features Comparison

    Digital skydiving altimeters have continued to be improved upon the past few years, but the recent release of the DigiAlti plus the Dekunu One SmartAlti and AON2 X2 has really shaken up the offerings for skydivers. One by Dekunu is the first sport skydiving specific digital altimeter featuring GPS with 3D location tracking. After jump feedback includes jump-path mapping, G-force, swoop and landing zone analysis, which is all synced to the cloud to view, analyze and share. The AON2 X2 has similar GPS features. The DigiAlti by Freefall Data Systems features a unique LED LightBar in addition to an LCD Digital display. The LightBar allows you to customize up to 33 different light alerts and affects. So far, VISO II+ has stood strong and continues to be the best selling digital altimeter, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice specifically for you. Read on for a comparison of features to make that choice for yourself. Skydivers in the U.S. essentially have 7 digital altimeters to choose from. So what are the features of each that would make you choose one over the other? Continue reading
  5. Gear Financing & Payment Options

    We know...most skydiving equipment is crazy expensive. It can be a huge deterrent in staying in the sport past that first jump and/or student training. While I was able to work, save and spend my cash through student training and the basics of a helmet, altimeter and jumpsuit back in was only due to having secured a credit card that I was able to purchase my first complete skydiving rig a year later (an Infinity with CYPRES, Tempo Reserve and Triathlon Main through Larry Chernis at Skydive Kapowsin). It took me a few years to finally pay that off...but at least I was able to skydive with my own rig during that time! Not everyone who wants to be a skydiver and have their own gear has immediately available cash. But ChutingStar has put a couple of options in place to help skydivers get into gear they can jump now (and work through the payments as they work and skydive). Continue reading
  6. Skydiving Gear Links Catalog Updated

    Spend less time shopping and more time skydiving by using the ChutingStar Skydiving Gear Quick Links Catalog! We know that the extensive web site can sometimes create a sensory overload, so we've created a one-page quick links catalog to get you to the most sought-after skydiving gear quickly! Continue reading
  7. Will PD's Sabre3 Be Your New Love?

    With more than 40,000 canopies manufactured by Performance Designs in the Sabre line, the Sabre3 has some big shoes to fill. 

    The original Sabre was released in 1990 and more than 20,000 were manufactured until the Sabre2 came on the scene in 2001. By 2018, the Sabre2 reached 20,000 canopies sold like its predecessor. One of the biggest improvements skydivers talk about from the Sabre to the Sabre2 is a softer opening.

    ChutingStar recently conducted a main canopy survey, and PD's Sabre/Sabre2 line topped every category as the most popular first canopy, your favorite main canopy and the canopy most recommended to others as their first main canopy. It also tops the list as to which canopy you're currently jumping. Here are some of those comments from the survey when asked what canopy has been your favorite: Continue reading
  8. Smoke Grenade Options for Skydivers!

    ChutingStar has long carried and used the white Sport Smoke Skydiver Smoke Grenade, which is a big part of demonstration jumps. Skydivers use one of our smoke mounts to attach the smoke to their shoe or ankle, and the smoke gives a definite "wow factor" for people on the ground whether it's used in freefall or under canopy. For several years, we've had requests for colored smoke but we could only find specialized manufacturers with complicated ignition systems and/or the smoke canisters needed larger brackets. But we were recently turned on to a UK smoke grenade company, Enola Gaye, that now distributes in the United States. Skydivers, drop zones and demo teams had started trying two different "wire pull" smoke grenades from the company with great success. The EG18 and EG18X smoke grenades not only come in several colors, but have a lower price than the Sport Smoke and can be used with all of our existing skydiver smoke grenade brackets. And then this year they added two larger "pro" smoke options in the CM75 The Cloud Maker and the SD75 The Fastest Cloud Maker giving skydivers the most options for smoke grenades every! Here's a comparison of the 5 different smoke grenades (4 in multiple colors) we carry for skydiving: Continue reading
  9. Survey: Love Your Main Canopy?

    A huge thank you to the 187 of you who responded to the main canopy survey the first two weeks of May at! This one was a bit more long-winded than our past surveys, but we felt that was the only way to truly get feedback on main canopies that are so varied by manufacturer, type and size as well as everyone's different experience level. We truly appreciate all of you that took the time to complete this survey. After sorting and reading through all the results, comments and feedback, we've found that we can't sum this up in one article. So we're going to be doing a series of articles over the next several weeks in our blog What we can tell you so far is that the 187 of you who took this survey have a combined 280,876 jumps! The average number of jumps for those responding was 1502 and the average mains you've tried is 9. So the responses were in-depth and rich with information. PD's Sabre/Sabre2 topped every category as the most popular first canopy, your favorite main canopy and the canopy most recommended to others as their first main canopy. It also tops the list as to which canopy you're currently jumping. Continue reading
  10. PD Canopy Sale!

    Performance Designs USA and Performance Designs Europe have reduced pricing on clearance, resale and demo canopies. PD Europe is replacing its demo canopy fleet with new canopies, and they're selling the older demo canopies at low prices! Meanwhile, PD USA has just reduced pricing on many of the canopies on its clearance and resale lists.  See the images below with all the currently available canopies, as of May 12, 2020. For the demo canopies with prices in Euros, these prices don't include shipping or any import taxes as these will ship to us from Europe. For the clearance and resale canopies listed in USD, these canopies are in DeLand, so the only other charge will be shipping. If there is a canopy that you want to purchase, contact ChutingStar at this link, and we can confirm availability, get the final details and final price for you. Continue reading

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