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  1. UPT Stock Container List

    UPT has stock Vector sport rigs available, some discounted. These never last long, so here are the details. The chart below has the basic details on what is available as of May 3, 2023. Click to enlarge. The images below (click each to enlarge) have more details on each container. Contact ChutingStar to confirm availability, get final pricing and to place an order. Continue reading
  2. Military Discounts on Skydiving Gear

    ChutingStar, along with several skydiving gear manufacturers, offer discounts to our military members for canopies and harness/containers in appreciation for their service. Below is the list of those manufacturers and the applicable discounts. Please note the info next to each manufacturer on what is needed to qualify for the discount. U.S. as well as foreign military service is accepted from all on this list. If it states "active service" you must be currently serving in the military. If it states "any military service" then the discount is available to anyone who previously served in the military as well. It is not applicable to civilian contractors working for the military. Proof of service for most discounts offered can come through enlistment or discharge papers as well as a military ID. Continue reading
  3. LB Altimeters Service Centers

    Larsen & Brusgaard, aka LB Altimeters, continues to show why they are one of the most trusted and respected altimeter makers in the skydiving industry. The company's customer service is well-known as anyone who ever has an issue with one of their products can return it to their headquarters in Denmark for a repair or replacement at little to no cost. Well now LB Altimeters has gone another step further for its worldwide market and has added two service centers: one in the U.S. and one in Europe. Here are the details on how to have your LB product serviced if you ever have an issue. Continue reading
  4. PD Used Canopy Sale!

    Performance Designs Europe has a batch of "pre-loved" canopies that are looking for new homes at reduced prices!

    See the list below with all the currently available canopies, as of January 24, 2023.

    The prices are in Euros and do not include shipping or any import taxes as these will ship to ChutingStar from Europe.

    If there is a canopy that you want to purchase, contact ChutingStar at this link, and we can confirm availability and final price for you.

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  5. Prime Time For Cookie G35 Helmet

    Skydiving helmet innovator Cookie Helmets has once again listened to skydivers and developed a new full face helmet that is a cross between the raved-about G3, G4 and Fuel helmets.

    The Cookie G35 is here in all colors and sizes! You can place your G35 helmet and accessory orders at this link.

    Cookie's new G35 is a unique crossover helmet that will appeal to skydivers, tunnel flyers and camera flyers. This modular full face helmet takes a little bit of the best of each helmet in the Cookie lineup, while specifically replacing the retiring G3.

    Improvements over the G3 include:

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  6. Boogie with ChutingStar in 2023!

    It's time to boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie! And the ChutingStar Crew will be out there with you at drop zones all over the US, providing all the support and goods you could ask for. The one and only Laura Bales is packing up the van with demos from Larsen & Brusgaard (altimeters), Cookie (G4 helmets), Alti-2 (altimeter mounts), Square1 (KISS helmets), and many more. Laura is available for container, canopy and jumpsuit orders as she'll be able to measure you up and walk you through the ordering process for any of your custom gear needs, including the helmet sizing kit for the Tonfly TFX Full Face Helmet. Continue reading
  7. 2023 Gear Sales!

    Check back here for holiday gear sales from skydiving gear manufacturers and ChutingStar!

    Discounts usually are a rare thing in skydiving, and even more rare in the current supply shortage climate. We're focusing on making sure we have available items in stock and shipped to you by the time you need it for your next jump. Currently for the 2023, ChutingStar has the following sales and ways to save listed below.

    Here's the rundown on current deals:

    • UPT Stock Containers
    • PD Europe Used Canopy Sale
    • 30% off the base price of any In-Stock Wings Container
    • Top 10 Ways To Save $$$ @ ChutingStar!

    Deal Details

    Here are the links to more info and the ordering process for these deals from ChutingStar:

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  8. Skydiver Gift Guide!

    Looking for that perfect gift to surprise the skydiver in your life? We've got an entire section of skydiver gifts for a birthday, milestone jump, the holidays or the like to help you find just what you've been looking for! Click here for a direct link to our Holiday Gift Ideas section online. And then below are highlights of several gift ideas we know will be a hit. Continue reading
  9. Gear Financing & Payment Options

    We know...most skydiving equipment is crazy expensive. It can be a huge deterrent in staying in the sport past that first jump and/or student training. While I was able to work, save and spend my cash through student training and the basics of a helmet, altimeter and jumpsuit back in 1995...it was only due to having secured a credit card that I was able to purchase my first complete skydiving rig a year later (an Infinity with CYPRES, Tempo Reserve and Triathlon Main through Larry Chernis at Skydive Kapowsin). It took me a few years to finally pay that off...but at least I was able to skydive with my own rig during that time! Not everyone who wants to be a skydiver and have their own gear has immediately available cash. But ChutingStar has put several options in place to help skydivers get into gear they can jump now (and work through the payments as they work and skydive). Continue reading
  10. GoPro HERO9/10/11 Mounts & Accessories

    Just a quick note that all accessories and mounts that work or fit the HERO9 & HERO10 also will work and fit with the new GoPro HERO11.

    The GoPro HERO11 works with all GoPro accessories that were made and designed for the HERO9 & HERO10, so if you see any noted as working with the HERO9 and/or HERO 10, these will also work with the HERO11.

    And then since the HERO11 camera is the exact same size, shape and form as the HERO9/10, it also will fit into any GoPro mounts designed to fit the HERO9/10.

    ChutingStar is updating all the HERO9/10 accessory and mount listings, names and info to reflect this, but in case you come across any that indicate it is made for the HERO9/10, just know that it will also work with the HERO11.

    See the video and links below on the GoPro HERO10 and HERO9/10/11 Mounts for more information:

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