Save On These Skydiving Gear Sales!

Discounts usually are a rare thing in skydiving, but a couple of manufacturers have sale offers currently available. Take advantage of these while they last if you're in the market for a container, canopy or full rig!

Here's the rundown on current deals:

  • Complete Parachute Systems rig (container, main and reserve) only $4762 with the Complete System Bundle Sale.
  • Complete Parachute Systems rig with Icarus NANO reserve (container, main and reserve) for $5168.
  • $100 off Parachute Systems Reserve, Container and all Mains (through June 21).
  • Firebird EVO Container + RUSH Reserve for $3900.
  • Stock Sale on NZ Aerosports Icarus & Performance Designs Canopies (until stock runs out).

Deal Details:

Here are the links to more info and the ordering process for these deals from ChutingStar:

For more info and expert advice on the gear, contact our ChutingStar Crew at this link.