Note: Vigil Manufacturer, AAD, no longer supplies batteries for replacement by the user or riggers. Vigil owners must now send their units into Vigil America or AAD to have the battery replaced (see here). These instructions below were made when the batteries were available separately.

The Vigil II battery is designed to last a minimum of 2000 jumps. The manufacturer recommends replacement at 5 years and mandates replacement at 10 years.

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignleft" width="444"]Vigil II: Battery Replacement Vigil II: Battery Replacement[/caption]

Unscrew both Phillips head closing screws and separate the main box casing. Unplug the package of 2 AA Lithium batteries and discard. Plug in the new package of 2 AA Lithium batteries. Reclose main box, ensuring the rubber seal is in place. Secure both closing screws and put the new sticker from the battery card over closing screw closest to cables. Turn unit on to make sure the unit passes the startup checks.