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  1. New X Housing Handcam System

    The handcam system used by many tandem instructors is continually changing and updating due to GoPro cameras changing size and features every year. For several years, from the HERO3 to the Sessions to the HERO7, the Pivot Pad handcam system by Chris Warnock of Funjump Rigging was the goto setup. But with the release of the HERO8 and then HERO9, Funjump took a break from the high cost of engineering new housings due to the lack of quality parts available for its base glove when the HERO8 was released last year. In the meantime, X-Shut was offering a Pivot Pad Adapter that allowed those who loved the Pivot Pad Housings the ability to connect it to its X-Shut Handcam Glove, which has the added feature of a cutaway system. Now with the Pivot Pad Glove Base completely discontinued and unavailable, except in the used market, Funjump is focusing on utilizing that X-Shut Pivot Pad Adapter for a new series of housings...the X Housings. These housings are now specifically made to be assembled and used with the X-Shut Handcam Glove, X-Shut Pivot Pad X Housing Adapter and X-Shut Flat-Mount Insert. For now, we have 3 different X Housings available: Continue reading
  2. GoPro HERO9 Mounting Options

    The GoPro HERO9 is now out, and it's slightly bigger all the way around. So now it's a race to figure out how to mount it on your skydiving helmet! First-off the HERO9 can mount to any mount that attaches to the bottom GoPro attachment spindles. This means the Vmag system can be used right now for your HERO9 on a Cookie G4, G3, KISS or Skyhelmet Funjin. There also is a HERO9 top mount option already available from Zkulls for TFX, G3 and G4 with a cutaway option.We're talking with the other helmet mount manufacturers that use a base cradle or cage, to see when they'll have HERO9 mounts, but we did find that the HERO9 kinda fits on the old HERO2 Cookie Roller Mount. It does have a possible snag point on the back though. See some images here: Continue reading
  3. G4 TFX KISS Camera Mount Options

    Just as production of the new Cookie G4 helmet started matching the demand, GoPro released the HERO8 camera. Manufacturers working on camera mounts for the G4 then had to additionally make sure the new mounts would work for the GoPro HERO8 Black. Below are the most popular available options from ChutingStar for mounting a camera to a Cookie G4, Tonfly TFX and KISS helmet. Please keep in mind that the G4 helmet does not have a cutaway system, and the helmet is tighter to get in/out of than the G3. So take that into account when choosing a mounting system. Some have a cutaway or breakaway feature, while others don't. Same for TFX and KISS helmets. One other note is that drilling into the G4 helmet does void the impact protection rating. So keep that in consideration on your mount choice if that's important to you. See the full Cookie G4 camera mount disclaimer at the bottom of this post. Continue reading
  4. Picking Your Skydiving Helmet Bag

    With most skydiving helmets over $200, and the most common at $400 or more, it's a smart investment to protect your helmet when you're not using it. Most skydiving helmet bags also have additional pockets to carry your smaller skydiving gear and helmet accessories together so you're able to keep everything in one place whether you're at the drop zone, the wind tunnel or traveling around the world. Henry Kochen of the ChutingStar Crew took some time to show off a few of our most popular helmet bags this week to show you which helmets fit and the features of each. Check out this video as well as a video from Mike Gruwell on the new Cookie Flight Bag, and then click the links below for additional info and ordering information. Skydiving Helmet Bag Overview from ChutingStar. Continue reading
  5. Customizing Your Cookie Fuel Camera Helmet

    Cookie's Fuel is the easiest "plug and play" option for a skydiving camera helmet available today. The majority of the available options can easily be installed through the modular mounting system on the top and sides. Additional options for larger camera mounts are available that require drilling into the helmet or attachment via VHB tape. Check out our video below that outlines many of the options for the Cookie Fuel, and then click through the links below to order the helmet and/or the additional options. Cookie Fuel Camera Helmet Set Ups from ChutingStar. Continue reading
  6. Custom Tonfly Helmets Ordering Help

    Our ChutingStar Crew gets tons of questions on the different options and setups for Tonfly Helmets. With 6 different helmet types and numerous available configurations it's easy to get overwhelmed on where to start. ChutingStar's Henry Kochen took some time to explain the most popular configurations in this new video shot inside the Marietta GA ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore. Ordering Custom Tonfly Helmets from ChutingStar. Continue reading
  7. Keeping Your Head: Safe Cookie G3 GoPro Mounts

    Skydivers LOVE their Cookie G3 helmets as well as their GoPro cameras...but combining those two together has been a bit of a gamble in the past as the full-face helmet didn't have any type of cutaway system. And a cutaway system is important at 2,000 feet when that pilot chute just got snagged on your camera mount at the end of a crazy, funneled skydive with a "save yourself" deployment. Cookie hasn't yet developed a cutaway system for the helmet, so skydivers have resolved to either take the risk, make their own cutaway system, make a mount that is less likely to get snagged or find a mount that cuts away the camera. The first cutaway system for mounting a GoPro camera came out of Sweden by skydiver Daniel Fagrell. Daniel developed and produced the GrellFAB mount.GrellFAB G3 GoPro Cutaway Mount Continue reading
  8. Turned On GoPro Whiskey Review

    Check out the Hypoxic Turned On GoPro Indicator Light System review by Zach Lewis...along with his favorite drink! ChutingStar Video Continue reading
  9. Turned On GoPro Unit Does All That & More

    I have owned the Hypoxic Turned On status indicator for about 3 weeks and I have used it on nearly every skydive I have made since then, and I must say, the device does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it extremely well. Installation: Installation of the device was fairly straight-forward. Your camera must be upgraded to the most recent GoPro firmware at this link. Once your camera has the latest official firmware, you go to the Turned On website at this link and download a small patch file for the GoPro (currently, the Hero 3, 3+ and 4 are supported). You then copy that file to your SD card, stick the SD card back in the camera and turn the power on. The GoPro applies the patch and just like that, you're ready to install the Turned On hardware. Continue reading
  10. Turned On Meets, Exceeds GoPro Indicator Need

    Hypoxic sees a need and meets it...actually exceeds it. I would pay the $100 just to be able to stop asking people "am I on?" For anyone doing more than the casual weekend jumps, status indicators for cameras are priceless. The cost of missing an event you are paid to record is higher than the cost of the jump. When Trunk first introduced the Hypeye, immediately one was on each camera on my head. Yes, two cameras. In R&D I am not taking any chances of missing a shot. Knowing for certain cameras were rolling, it became possible to play with different shots from the same helmet. With the overwhelming use of GoPros, the security of knowing the camera was rolling has been sorely missed, until now. Continue reading

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