Vmag V2 Trade-In Exchange Program

Vmag, which makes the magnetic breakaway GoPro mounting system, has released an updated version that includes an integrated button lock. The Vmag V2 now requires a center button on the mount to be pressed to release the camera from the base mount. This will help prevent an accidental release from bumps and knocks to the mount or camera.

For the next year, from March 2024 to March 2025, Vmag is offering a trade-in exchange program for those that have the original Vmag mount. For $35 USD plus shipping, you can send in your original Vmag mount and receive back the V2 version. A new Vmag V2 is currently $140, so this is saving you $105 if you were planning to upgrade.

As of 3/26/2024, this is currently only available for the Cookie G4 Chin version as other helmet versions (G35, G3, KISS and Fuel) are still in production.

Here's the scoop on how the trade-in exchange program works:

  • Download, complete and print this linked form with your info
  • Package your original Vmag mount (both helmet and camera side pieces) along with the completed form to: ChutingStar, 1349 Old 41 Hwy NW, Suite 105, Marietta GA 30060
  • Once received, you will be charged the $35 plus return shipping to the payment info provided
  • The Vmag V2 mount will be shipped to you with tracking

More info below. For additional questions, contact the ChutingStar Crew at this link.