Picking Your Skydiving Helmet Bag

With most skydiving helmets over $200, and the most common at $500 or more, it's a smart investment to protect your helmet when you're not using it.

Most skydiving helmet bags also have additional pockets to carry your smaller skydiving gear and helmet accessories together so you're able to keep everything in one place whether you're at the drop zone, the wind tunnel or traveling around the world.

Henry Kochen of the ChutingStar Crew took some time to show off a few of our most popular helmet bags this week to show you which helmets fit and the features of each.

Check out this video as well as a video from Mike Gruwell on the new Cookie Flight Bag, and then click the links below for additional info and ordering information.

Skydiving Helmet Bag Overview from ChutingStar.

Below are ordering links to additional info on our most sought-after helmet bags.

Cookie Helmets Flight Bag, $60

EXO Hard Helmet Case, $40

Cookie Deluxe Helmet Bag, $40

Pittz Skydiving Helmet Bag, $28

G-Pod Helmet Case, $74.95

Windline Padded Skydiving Helmet Bag, $40

Tonfly TFX Helmet Bag, $90

To see all of the available skydiving helmet bags at ChutingStar, click this link here.