2024 Sales!

Check back here for all the gear sales from skydiving gear manufacturers and ChutingStar throughout 2024!

Discounts usually are a rare thing in skydiving, and even more rare in the current supply shortage climate. We're focusing on making sure we have available items in stock and shipped to you by the time you need it for your next jump. Currently for 2024, ChutingStar has the following sales and ways to save listed below.

Here's the rundown on current deals:

  • Discounted stock of all PittZ Freefly Suits & Pants
  • GoPro Camera Discounts
  • UPT Stock Containers
  • PD Europe Used Canopy Sale
  • 30% off the base price of any In-Stock Wings Container
  • Top 11 Ways To Save $$$ @ ChutingStar!

Deal Details

Here are the links to more info and the ordering process for these deals from ChutingStar:

For more info and expert advice on the gear, contact our ChutingStar Crew at this link.