Using The ChutingStar Rigger Closing Hook

ChutingStar's Rigger Closing Hook is a unique parachute rigging tool used for closing reserve containers.

Those who have attended a ChutingStar Rigger School Course or one of our Parachute Industry Association Symposium Seminars, have seen up close how the tool is used.  But if you haven't, the tool isn't exactly self-explainable.

So here's a short video on how it's attached to the pullup cord and how a parachute rigger uses it for closing the reserve container.

How To Use The ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Hook from ChutingStar.

The ChutingStar Rigger Closing Hook was originally designed by Georgia skydiver, rigger and gear manufacturer Perry Thibedeau in the 1990s, and used for closing Strong Tandem Main containers as well as reserve containers.

Over the years, we kept the same design, but changed the thickness and materials, to make it a more comfortable grip in your hand.

The reasoning behind using this tool instead of a traditional leverage device is that you can better coordinate the pressure applied to the container grommets  with your feet and the tension on the pullcord so you don't damage the container during closing.

With a traditional leverage device, the grommets, temp pin, closing loop and pullup cord are pinched together as one unit as you apply pressure. The ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Closing Hook allows you to separate the center container pressure from the pullup tension as you close each flap.

The current ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Closing Hook is available at at this link.