SonoAlti 3V Service Bulletin Update Improves Sound Quality

The popular speaking audible altimeter from Freefall Data Systems has an available update for improving the sound quality, volume and reliability of its built-in speaker. Reports of failing speakers was determined to be a firmware issue, which is resolved with a firmware and sound file update.

If you have a SonoAlti 3V unit with a firmware of 1.0 or 1.1, this firmware update is for you. To find out what firmware version you have, press the button adjacent to the speaker with a paper clip to hear the firmware number.

Then follow the instructions for the update at this link. Alternatively, you can send your unit to Freefall Data Systems to have the update completed there and the unit returned to you. Info on that is in the service bulletin above.

To purchase a new SonoAlti 3V, which already has the latest firmware, see this link.