10 years ago, open face helmets were the norm for skydiving and only RW teams used full face skydiving helmets. But with the increase of wind tunnels over our planet as well as so many different disciplines of closer proximity skydiving, many jumpers and tunnel flyers go straight to a full face helmet as their first and only helmet.

With several different versions and brands to choose from, which one should you go with? We'll lay out the features, differences, prices as well as highlight some customer reviews, so you can make the most educated choice possible.

Ideally, all of you reading this could stop into our ChutingStar Skydiving Gear Superstore, and try on each one of these helmets to see how each fits, check out how each visor opens/closes and have no doubt that you're getting the helmet with the best fit for you along with all the features you desire. But if you can't do that, all of this info will help narrow your decision.

Cookie G4

  • $439
  • Impact-rated helmet
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Camera and FlySight mounts available, but if installed will affect the impact rating
  • No cutaway system available
  • Clear, Tinted & Blue Mirror visor available
  • Different color side plate options with additional custom engraving available.
  • Liners can be removed, washed and swapped to make different sizes within the shell sizes (XS-Small, Medium-Large and XL-2XL)

Cookie Helmets completely designed the G4 as its own helmet, while learning from the prior designs of the the Gas, G2 and G3. Key features of the G4 include flip-up visor mechanisms that are designed to last the helmets lifetime, a more complete head coverage in tandem with the XP S 72-600 impact certification and improved ventilation throughout the helmet.

The G4 visor recesses into the helmet when closed to reduce wind noise inside, and new shell sizes fit a wider range of head sizes.

Cookie's G4 helmet was just released in June 2019, so we'll have more feedback over the coming months, but there is little doubt that the G4 will continue on the tradition of raved-about helmets for Cookie Helmets, based out of Australia.

G4 Weight Specs:

  • XS-Small, 1.98 pounds
  • Medium-Large, 2.09 pounds
  • XL-2XL, 2.16 pounds

Learn more about the G4 in a separate blog post on ChutingStar.com at this link.

Order your new Cookie G4 Helmet from ChutingStar right here.

Cookie G3

  • $379
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Manufacturer and 3rd party camera mounts
  • No cutaway system from manufacturer, but 3rd party cutaway helmet and camera mounts add-ons available
  • Clear or tinted visors
  • Different color side plate options with custom engraving available
  • Non-adjustable padding/helmet sizes

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 1.81 pounds
  • Helmet 8.5" wide by 7" tall
  • Field of vision 12" wide by 5" high

The G3 was the king of full face helmets for several years (until the release of the G4), but is still currently in production. This helmet is used by more skydivers and wind tunnel flyers worldwide than any other helmet. The Cookie G3, and its predecessor the G2, broke open the full face skydiving helmet market by producing a flip-up visor system that was sturdy, easy-to-use (once you got the hang of opening it) and reliable. And don't just take our word for it; read the 60+ G3 reviews under the Cookie G3 listing here, like this one:

No Better Full Face Helmet. Best full face helmet ever, that's why basically everyone has one these days. Not sure why you would even consider a different brand. Excellent field of view, very comfortable. The locking system is great. ~ Warren

Manufactured with a High Impact ABS shell, the G3 is currently available in 14 colors, all with a matte finish. The visor mechanism includes a side plate on each side that has a center of aluminum available in a variety of colors and logo designs, which can also be customized with your name, design or logo here.

The helmet comes with two mouth-piece liners allowing you to choose the best fit in the mouth area. The mouth liners give the option to have your mouth visible to other skydivers as it's placed on top of the padding, or if you want to have your mouth hidden and breathing in/out of the helmet vent (to reduce fogging).

Cookie Helmets is based out of Australia, but the majority of its manufacturing and production is in the U.S.

Other benefits of owning a Cookie G3 helmet are all due to its popularity. ChutingStar stays well stocked on all replacement parts and this helmet has the most diverse collection of add-ons and options from the manufacturer and 3rd party vendors. You would be hard-pressed to find yourself on a drop zone or at a wind tunnel where other skydivers wouldn't be able to help you out if you ever have an issue or need with your G3 helmet...they're everywhere!

Order your new Cookie G3 Helmet from ChutingStar right here.

Tonfly TFX

  • $578
  • Impact-rated helmet
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Camera mounts and cutaway systems not available
  • Clear or smoke visor
  • Mix and match colors for shell, chin and side plates
  • Modular one-hand visor and chin opening system
  • Antiallergic, removable, washable liner

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 2.25 pounds
  • Helmet 8.75" wide by 8" tall
  • Field of vision 11" wide by 4.75" high

Tonfly's TFX is the newest full face skydiving helmet available, and the only one with an impact rating for the helmet and the visor. While it's the most expensive, it's also the most protective of your head. Certifications for the TFX include:

  • Impact rating under European Standard EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012, category HPG for Airborne Sports
  • Personal eye protection rating under European Standard EN166
  • Complies with new developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600

The manufacturer does require an in-person fitting at any skydiving gear shop that has their TFX fitting kit, such as ChutingStar.

Check out this look at the TFX by the ChutingStar Crew:

You can learn more, per-order and setup a fitting appointment at this link. All TFX orders are custom built to you order specifications due to the 36 different sizes as well as multiple color combinations of the shell, chin and side plates.

Square1 KISS

  • $299
  • Single audible pockets and outside-access ports on each side
  • 3rd party camera mounts
  • No cutaway system, but 3rd party cutaway camera mounts available
  • Clear, tinted and mirror visors
  • Dual color helmets available
  • Non-adjustable padding/helmet sizes

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 2.09 pounds
  • Helmet 8.5" wide by 7" tall
  • Field of vision 12.5" wide by 5.5" high

Square1 began manufacturing full face helmets in the past several years, and quickly gained a following with easy-to-use, durable and easy-to-change flip-up visors. The KISS is the "premium" helmet of the full face helmet line from Square1.

The KISS helmet is the only current full face helmet with outside access to your audible altimeters through adapter rings included for the audible pockets and ports. You can choose to keep the ports closed for a traditional audible pocket setup, or open the ports using the adapters to house your audibles for outside access.

At $299, the KISS is the 2nd to lowest price of all full face helmets, and those that purchase the KISS do nothing but rave about the features and the large field of vision. Read all the current KISS reviews at the bottom of the KISS listing at ChutingStar.com right here, such as this one:

Finally! PERFECT Fit, And COOLEST Look! Love this helmet, the LOOK, the COMFORT, the NO TOOLS policy, and the ANTI-FOG technology! The helmet is very easy to handle, no tools needed for removal of lens. Changing lens/cleaning, and so on, becomes much easier! AND It is not possible to SEE the helmet in my view!  Also the locking mechanism on the chin-strap is one of my favorites! ~ Martin Lehne

The KISS visor can be changed, or removed for cleaning, without any tools. The latch system for taking on/off the helmet is the most unique of all the helmets with two front latches you flip out to release, or push back to tighten/lock down.

Place your order for a new KISS helmet from ChutingStar.com right here.

Square1 Phantom XV

  • $249
  • Single audible pocket on left side
  • No cutaway system, but 3rd party cutaway helmet mounts available
  • Clear and tinted visors
  • Non-adjustable padding/helmet sizes

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 1.74 pounds
  • Helmet 8.5" wide by 7" tall
  • Field of vision 12" wide by 4" high

Square1 released the Phantom X as its first full face helmet, and soon updated it with the XV. This helmet has remained reliable and popular, and continue to be loved by skydivers and wind tunnel flyers all over the world.

Pricing is the biggest initial draw to this helmet as the Phantom XV is $249. But then those who purchase this helmet tout how it does everything needed and expected of a full face helmet for jumping. Just read the reviews here, such as this one:

Comfortable, Good Visibility And Not Too Hard On Your Wallet. I am a new jumper and bought this as my first helmet and have been loving it. I prefer the feel of a full face and for the price it is hard to beat. The visor is easy to operate and I haven't had any fogging issues so far. Great helmet all and all. ~ Matthew

The upgrade from the X to the XV model is the ventilation system. The XV features an additional venting feature that channels some of the air coming in the mouth vent to the inside of the visor to reduce fogging. Other than that additional feature, the X and XV helmets look and work identically.

Both the Phantom X and Phantom XV share the same visor mechanism featuring the same benefit as the KISS in that no tools are needed to change or remove the visor for cleaning.

The tightening system for the Phantom X and XV are similar to the defunct Factory Diver and Oxygn helmets with a side strap. But Square1 changed the old Velcro technology to a more reliable snap, plus made the adjustment easy through a clip adjustment on the outside.

To purchase a new Phantom XV, click here.

Bonehead Aero

  • $415
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Cutaway/release strap included
  • Manufacturer camera mounts available
  • Clear and tinted visors
  • Adjustable padding/helmet sizes by adding/removing layers of internal pads

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 1.63 pounds
  • Helmet 8.5" wide by 7" tall
  • Field of vision 11" wide by 6.5" high

Bonehead has long been in the helmet industry, and has produced full face helmets in the past, but the release of the Aero modernized their full face lineup.

Bonehead continues to manufacture their helmets in carbon fiber and is the only completely "Made In The USA" helmet manufacturer. Bonehead was the first to incorporate a cutaway strap into a full face helmet, which is included on all new Aero helmets.

Bonehead's padding system for the Aero allows you to customize and/or fine tune the fit as all of the padding pieces in the helmet can be opened on the backside to add or remove layers for a custom fit to your head shape or desired fit.

Available in a variety of matte and gloss colors as well as the matte or gloss carbon fiber finish. The visor opening system is similar to the Cookie G3, but without the side plates.

Read the raves on the Bonehead Aero at this link, such as this one:

Very Well-Built And Solid Helmet; Built-In Cutaway. I've jumped an AERO for 300 jumps. So far, the liners are as good as new, and the locking mechanism for chin strap and visor hasn't failed once. The built-in cutaway is what makes this full face stands out the most. The FOV is also best in the industry. Customer service is awesome. Finally, the carbon fiber shell extends past your ears giving your head more protection. ~ Anthony

To purchase your new Bonehead Aero from ChutingStar.com, click here.

Bonehead Dynamic

  • $440
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Cutaway system included
  • Manufacturer recommends top mount for cameras, but doesn't offer mount
  • Clear, smoke and dark smoke visors
  • Adjustable padding/helmet sizes by adding/removing layers of internal pads
  • Widest range of available sizes from Very Tiny (18") to Just Huge (24.5").

Bonehead is well known for its original designs, and the Dynamic certainly doesn't fail to deliver!

Bonehead designed this helmet to give flyers unrestricted head movement and the widest visibility in every direction. The helmet works great for those who wear glasses, and has an added spring-loaded lock to make it easier for opening the visor.

The Dynamic's back shape allows a jumper with long hair to easily fit the extra hair inside the back of the helmet without added pressure.

The shell of the Dynamic is made of Carbon Fiber for strength that is backed by fiberglass for shock absorption. The helmet is not impact-rated.

Like all other Bonehead helmets, the Dynamic padding system allows you to customize and/or fine tune the fit as all of the padding pieces in the helmet can be opened on the backside to add or remove layers for a custom fit to your head shape or desired fit.

Order your new Dynamic from ChutingStar.com right here.

Bonehead Fusion

  • $415
  • Single audible pockets on each side
  • Removable/washable liner that is adjustable through layers of internals pads
  • Chincup-incorporated visor for a secure fit
  • Clear and tinted visors

Specs as measured by the ChutingStar Crew:

  • Weight 1.77 pounds
  • Helmet 8.75" wide by 8" tall
  • Field of vision 11" wide by 5.5" high

The Fusion by Bonehead combines the design elements of the AERO and Rev2 into one helmet. Bonehead kept the wide field of vision of the AERO, but incorporated a one-handed opening of the visor via a side button. When down, the visor helps secure the helmet to your head through an incorporated chincup, giving it the feel of a Rev2.

Check out this review of the Fusion on ChutingStar.com:

Awesome Helmet! This helmet is awesome. The field of view is so open, and the visor stays up without issue when in the plane. It fits nice and snug, and I feel my head is secure when the chin strap is tightened. I definitely recommend this helmet. It's only a little pricey, but it's worth it if you can swing it. ~TG

Check out this video from Henry Kochen of our ChutingStar Crew for a closer look at the Bonehead Fusion.

The Fusion is made of carbon fiber, so it is available in a matte or gloss carbon fiber finish, or solid painted colors such as Matte Black, Green, White, Red, Matte Desert Sand, Matte Olive Drab, Royal Blue, Gloss Black, Purple and Silver at no extra charge.

Order your Bonehead Fusion Skydiving Helmet at this link. 

Rawa RW3

  • $350
  • Single internal audible pocket on each side
  • Adjustable chin buckle and internal shock cord in liner
  • One button spring-loaded visor opening mechanism
  • Custom helmet and visor colors available
  • Fiberglass shell material

Rawa is well known for its comfortable, light and versatile camera helmets. Based out of Brazil, Rawa started making full face helmets several years ago. The RW3 is the latest version that was released in 2019. This RW3 is the lightest full face helmet and has a unique visor opening mechanism. The visor is spring-loaded on the sides so that when you push the button at the bottom/center of the visor, the lens springs fully open immediately. To close, you push down the visor to lock it back on the button.

Order your Rawa RW3 at this link!

Additional Full Face Helmet Notes

When ordering a helmet from ChutingStar.com and you haven't been able to come to our shop, or you haven't been able to try on different sizes at the drop zone or wind tunnel, you'll want to check the measuring guide in each listing. Measure your head and pick the helmet closest to your head size. Read our Helmet Sizing Guide right here too.

In the end, don't worry if you get the size wrong. ChutingStar has the most generous return policy in the industry. Just follow our info on our Returns & Exchanges section at this link, and we'll get a different size right out to you.

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