Helmet Fit Not An Exact Science

There is not a fail-safe way to know which size of helmet to buy online. Ideally, you would be able to walk into our ChutingStar shop and try a bunch on, or be able to try on helmets at your local drop zone. But for some, it's just not possible.

Each manufacturer does post a size chart for its helmets. And that is a great starting point. You'll want to get a soft tape measure, which you can find in the sewing section of any grocery store. Measure around your head, level with your forehead and behind your ears.

Measure your head as shown.

Measure your head as shown above.

Choose the helmet size that the measurement corresponds with. If you find you are in-between 2 sizes, then choose the size based on how you like a helmet to fit (tight or loose).

But unfortunately, even with taking these steps to find the right size, you may find the helmet is either too big or too small when you get it. The reason this happens is that helmet shapes compared to head shapes as well as what one person's idea of a comfortable fit varies widely.

While approximately 75% of the people will find that the measured size does match the helmet size chart for a good fit, the other 25% will find they need a helmet 1-2 sizes different than what the chart says.

ChutingStar does post additional sizing notes for manufacturers or helmets that we find tend to size big or small, or notes on those that we know fit better up or down one size if you're in-between sizes. So read the product descriptions for any notes. And you're more than welcome to contact us for any further advice we could give you before deciding on a size to order.

But the best news of all is that ChutingStar will take any helmet back to exchange for another size. While you will have to pay for the shipping, at least you can get that ideal helmet size for your comfort and protection. And the next time you're in Georgia near our shop...come try some helmets on!