Latest Cookie G4 Helmet News!

(Latest update October 2020, with new youth sizing info!)

Cookie Helmets created quite the buzz in the skydiving world when they unveiled the G4 Full Face Skydiving Helmet on Feb. 4 at the 2019 Parachute Industry Association Symposium.

The G4 is the next step up in the full face helmet progression that started with the GAS back in 2007 as a solid, easy-to-use carbon fiber full face helmet with a visor that didn't flip-up. That soon progressed to Cookie's first flip-up visor full face helmet with the G2 in 2009, also made of carbon fiber.

But it really was the G3 in 2011 that radically changed the skydiving helmet scene as Cookie was able to produce the helmet on a larger scale, in more colors and with a consistent production standard due to a switch to the ABS material shell. The G3 has become the worldwide standard for not only experienced skydivers, but also new skydivers and wind tunnel flyers due the reliability of the opening mechanism, the quality of the construction and the availability of the helmets and parts all over the skydiving world.

Cookie hasn't rested on that success, and instead continued testing and developing new ideas for the next full face helmet, which has now been showcased with the G4.

So here is the scoop on the G4:

  • Helmet and visor impact-certified to XP S 72-600
  • Price is $459 ($64 more than the G3)
  • Redesigned visor mechanisms with stainless steel springs that are replaceable, yet designed to last the helmet's lifetime
  • New mirror blue visor color in addition to clear, orange and tinted
  • Visors have an impact rating under the Skydiving Helmet Screen ECP-001 06/2019 at 90m/s, and also passed tests on fogging, luminance, optical quality and UV.
  • Improved shell sizing to accommodate larger head sizes
  • Visor recesses into helmet when closed reducing wind noise
  • 1 size visor for all G4 sizes
  • 3 shell sizes: XS-Small, Medium-Large & XL-2XL
  • Youth Medium and Youth Large liners available for small shell size
  • Liners can be swapped within the shell size
  • Improved ventilation throughout helmet
  • Air vents run air over visor
  • Longer back to helmet to improve back-of-head protection
  • Mouth vent can be opened or closed
  • 2 audible pockets sized to fit all audibles, including larger units such as the ProTrack II
  • Drilling into the helmet voids the impact standard, so while camera mounts won't be made for the helmet, most mounts for the G3 can be installed on the G4 if you don't mind voiding the impact-rating
  • There is a trap-door cutout in the EPP foam to gain access to the top of the shell to make it easier to add external mounts
  • 13 matte colors available
  • Removable and washable liner
  • G3 & G4 parts, such as visors, visor locking plates, screws and springs, are not interchangeable between the two helmets

Ordering is available now on at this link. 

The G4 sizing chart is directly below (updated with new Youth Medium and Youth Large sizing), and I've added the G3 sizing chart beneath it so you can see the difference.

Check out these two videos from Zach Lewis that he did from the Cookie booth at PIA to get a closer look at the helmet.

Pricing on the visors ranges from $40-$54,  and aluminum side plates are $29 in their standard colors and logos, or $84 to have your own artwork engraved.

The G3 is still available and will continue to be sold after the G4 is released until the stock is gone at Cookie and all dealers. There are no plans for a price reduction on the G3 helmet. Parts, such as visors, side plates, springs and the like for the G3 will continued to be manufactured and available.

Info on all the current camera mounts for the G4 helmet can be found in our separate blog article at this link.

And then to order any current Cookie helmets or accessories, click this link to the Cookie section on

Finally, we'll just leave you with this to drool over...

Ordering your Cookie G4 now on at this link.