What's In Your Gear Bag?

Besides your rig, jumpsuit, altimeters and helmet, what are your must-haves, have-to-haves and can't-leave-home-withouts that you take with you to the drop zone, wind tunnel or boogie?

We took a look into the Gear Bags of the ChutingStar Crew this week, and posted the photos of what we've found plus a list of items that each crew member declared "essential." If it's available at ChutingStar, the item is linked to where you can get it online. Otherwise, the common items listed you can find at many local retail shops.

We hope this helps you prepare better for a day, weekend or week of skydiving or flying in a tunnel this year!

Skydiving Gear Bag Essentials

Laura's gear bag (above) has the widest variety of items of all of us, but that's because she jumps mostly at boogies during her time on the ChutingStar Boogie Tour. Her list of essentials include:

Mike's skydiving gear bag (above) just has the basics. But the essentials include:

Henry's weekend gear bag is packed into a roller bag with everything he needs as a tandem instructor for himself and his students:

Steve's weekend jumping essentials include:

Wind Tunnel Essentials 

Mike's wind tunnel helmet bag (above)  has contains just the basics he needs at the tunnel. Ideally, he always brings:

When Laura is at the tunnel, she always has:

Besides his G3 Helmet and Tonfly Suit, Henry's tunnel must-haves starts with the Almighty Dollar:

Rigger-In-The-Field Essentials

Since not all rigging happens at your loft or home, you gotta have that traveling kit. The ChutingStar Riggers are no different. Henry doesn't keep any of his tools in the loft, so his full rigger kit (above) is always with him for repacks, repairs and parts.

Steve's "go bag" rigger kit (above) varies on items since he works mostly inside ChutingStar Rigging Loft...but he takes mostly reserve packing essentials when jumping on the weekends in case a weekend reserve repack is needed.

And Steve's must-have for being at the drop zone on the weekend is:

  • Fids, because he has to fix fingertraps very often

Mike's travelling rig kit (above) must have these items below...and then he's prepared to inspect and repack a reserve anywhere (including once on his honeymoon in South Africa...true story).

And for a direct link to all of the available Gear Bags, Luggage and Gear Hangers, click here!