ChutingStar Parachute Rigging

  1. Using The ChutingStar Rigger Closing Hook

    ChutingStar's Rigger Closing Hook is a unique parachute rigging tool used for closing reserve containers.

    Those who have attended a ChutingStar Rigger School Course or one of our Parachute Industry Association Symposium Seminars, have seen up close how the tool is used.  But if you haven't, the tool isn't exactly self-explainable.

    So here's a short video on how it's attached to the pullup cord and how a parachute rigger uses it for closing the reserve container.

    How To Use The ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Hook from ChutingStar.

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  2. Nailing the Reserve Loop Length

    I've had some riggers tell me that they don't usually replace the reserve closing loop during each inspection/repack because a new loop stretches and affects the finished look of the rig. Apparently some riggers feel it's the fault of a "stretching" new loop that the reserve pilot chute isn't completely seated or compressed like the prior pack job. Yet my experience shows that a reserve closing loop made out of spectra Cypres cord and threaded through a Cypres washer can be manufactured and pre-stretched precisely to the desired length. It's just critical that the rigger have a standardized method of construction, measurements and pre-stretching. The following is the procedure for making a Cypres loop at Chuting Star Rigging Loft. These procedures are for most reserve container systems, but not all. Rigs such as the Racer, Reflex and Tear Drop have other procedures. Continue reading

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