G4 TFX KISS Camera Mount Options

Helmet and camera mount manufacturers continue to stay on top of giving you plenty of options for a wide range of mounting options for just about any current GoPro camera.

Below are the most popular available options from ChutingStar for mounting a camera to a Cookie G4, Tonfly TFX and KISS helmet.

Please keep in mind that the G4 helmet does not have a cutaway system, and the helmet is tighter to get in/out of than the G3. So take that into account when choosing a mounting system. Some have a cutaway or breakaway feature, while others don't. Same for TFX and KISS helmets.

One other note is that drilling into the G4 helmet does void the impact protection rating. So keep that in consideration on your mount choice if that's important to you. See the full Cookie G4 camera mount disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

Just released is the newest version of the GoPro Roller Mount from Cookie (manufacturer of the G3 and G4 helmets). This new mount has extra bases so you can find the best fit for just about any full face helmet.

Cookie Full Face Roller Mount. Available at this link for $105-$125.

This is the updated version of the original Cookie G3 Roller Mount, originally designed for the G3 helmet. But now Cookie has included extra base attachments to make it fit better for the G4 and most other full face helmets. The base is screwed on to the top of the helmet, so you will have to drill through the shell. This mount does not have a cutaway or quick release feature.

Dedicated versions for most current GoPro cameras are available. So, if you have a HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, HERO11 Mini, HERO12 or a Insta360 X3, this mount comes in a version that will work for you. Watch the install video below from our friend Trunk of GetHypoxic for more info.

LoProMoFo GoPro Helmet Mount. Available at this link at $75-$90.

Manufactured by Jairo Garcia of Adrenaline Workshop, these mounts are attached to your helmet via VHB tape. The LoProMoFo provides a flexible, low-profile, snag-free case while still allowing full access to all buttons, screens, displays and status indicator lights. Available for all current GoPro cameras and most skydiving helmets for a perfect fit.

Zkulls GoPro Low Profile Slider Mount. Available at this link for $80.

Manufactured by Ram Air Sky Sports, this one is not drilled into the helmet. The base is adhered with 3M tape. So while this one doesn't have a cutaway feature, it won't void the impact rating of the G4. The camera slides in/out via the side of this mount for easy and quick access to the full camera.

Versions for this mount are available for the HERO9/10/11/12 & HERO8 as well as the HERO5/6/7. This one is also made for the Tonfly TFX and Bonehead Aero & Dynamic helmets.

Vmag GoPro Top Helmet Mount. Available at this link for $150.

Vmag was first know for its magnetic chin mount, but has since added the same system to a top mount. This magnetic quick release system is one of the safest available for skydivers who don't have a helmet cutaway.

Vmag GoPro Chin Helmet Mount. Available at this link for $104.

The Vmag is the most unique mount of all the camera mounts currently available, and it's currently available for the G3, G4 and KISS. It mounts at the chin/mouth area, and features a magnetic quick release system that allows you to disconnect the camera in the case of an entanglement, or just for shooting some video by hand. You can then reconnect it quickly back on via the strong magnet system. The mount construction allows the use of all GoPro cameras, or any similar cameras with a two prong bottom attachment.

We'll continue to update this list as more G4, TFX and KISS camera mounts become available. The link to all current helmet mounts available for all skydiving helmets can be found on ChutingStar.com at this link. Contact us if you need any help in picking the right mount for you!

Cookie Helmets Note: The G4 Helmet is certified to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass Impact and Snag Resistance testing. While the G3 Roller mount base is a good fit against the top surface of the G4, it was not tested according to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Cookie believes that having a Roller Mount fitted to the G4 helmet would forgo the Snag Test in this standard. It is up to the user to decide whether to mount a camera to the G4 helmet knowing that by doing so, it could affect the way the helmet performs when tested to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Since Cookie knows many users will assume the risk of adding mounts onto the G4, they have included a trap-door cutout in the EPP foam for the user to gain access to the top of the shell to add the Roller Mount.