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Skydiver and Parachute Rigger Packing Tips Blog in the ChutingStar Rigger Rant & Rave Blog!

  1. Using The ChutingStar Rigger Closing Hook

    ChutingStar's Rigger Closing Hook is a unique parachute rigging tool used for closing reserve containers.

    Those who have attended a ChutingStar Rigger School Course or one of our Parachute Industry Association Symposium Seminars, have seen up close how the tool is used.  But if you haven't, the tool isn't exactly self-explainable.

    So here's a short video on how it's attached to the pullup cord and how a parachute rigger uses it for closing the reserve container.

    How To Use The ChutingStar Rigger Pullup Hook from ChutingStar.

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  2. Using the Power Tool for Packing

    The Power Tool is an alternative to the nylon pullup cord used by most skydivers today.

    Thread the Power Tool through your closing loop with one end of the spectra cord off the tool and then reattach the loop to the pullup cord.

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  3. How to Assemble & Use Tube Stows

    Tube Stows by Sun Path Products are made out of silicone tubing. Tube Stows are stronger and last much longer than the rubber bands.

    The criticism of tube stows is that lines can roll out of the stows and aren’t held as securely…which can lead to deployment issues. Jumpers with canopies more sensitive to packing/line stowage being "just right" should stick with rubber bands. Others have found tube stows to be a great alternative to rubber bands without any drawbacks.

    Normal installation involves bringing the smooth side around the stow holder and through the seam side. The seam side should also be in the knot without tension when stretched.

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  4. Main Closing Loop: Inspection and Installation

    Inspect the full main closing loop. Take the loop out of the main closing loop retainer and grommet. Inspect where the washer rests for any damage. Inspect where the loop passes through the grommet for any damage. Inspect the loop itself. Feel the grommet and washer for sharp edges.
    Make a new loop to the desired length with two overhand knots to secure behind the washer. Replace the loop back into the grommet and into the main closing loop retainer. Check that the main closing loop retainer is in good condition and secure. Do a final inspection on the exposed main closing loop. Close the container and go jump! Continue reading
  5. Toggle Malfunction Prevention

    Below is a series of photos showing how a young jumper at Skydive The Farm ended up with a main canopy toggle malfunction. The jumper did try to stow the toggles per the manufacturer's manual (United Parachute Technologies TruLock Toggles). But the stowage instructions aren't as detailed for canopies with longer excess brake lines. The jumper also may not have been looking at the toggles when she released them or may not have realized the brake line was looped over the toggle during deployment. Continue reading

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