With the release of the STELLA electronic analog altimeter by LB Altimeters (aka Larsen & Brusgaard), skydivers are living in a brand new world of analog altimeters to choose from.

Even manufacturer Mads Larsen was surprised by the demand and response a few days before initial STELLA orders shipped out.

"The STELLA seems to have become very popular..." he told ChutingStar.STELLA Electronic Analog Altimeter

But when you're known worldwide for quality products, the best customer service on the market and then produce a twist on the standard analog altimeter, it's not so surprising in the blind faith skydivers put into any new product coming out of this Denmark altimeter manufacturer.

So what makes the STELLA different from other analog altimeters?

Its guts are electronic, giving it digital accuracy with an analog face similar to the ALTITRACK, but for only $207 compared to $362. The STELLA is available in 12 different Feet and Meters faces from 12,000 feet to 30,000 feet and 4,000 meters to 10,000 meters.Stella Altimeter Faces Options

And then for the color conscience skydiver, you can purchase a range of 8 different colors of elastic wrist mounts to not only match your skydiving gear but position the STELLA on your wrist or forearm.Stella Elastic Wrist Mounts

Today's skydiver now has several analog altimeters to choose from...all of which are made by companies who stand behind each altimeter's quality and accuracy. All of these are available in either feet or meters.Analog Altimeter Lineup at ChutingStar!

Here's a rundown of the most popular analog altimeters available at ChutingStar with the pricing and main features of each.

Viplo analog altimeters, to include the FT50/60 and V.10, have a price range of $169 to $269. All three versions glow in the dark for night jumps, and colors come with matching mounts and Velcro, or you can order additional Viplo altimeter mounts in contrasting colors separately. The Black Glow and V.10 altimeters have a reverse glow with the numbers and pointer that glow in the dark. Viplo altimeters are manufactured in France.Viplo Altimeters

The latest version of the Parasport Aeronaut Altimeter glows in the dark and is available in a wrist strap or hand mount configuration. You can also swap between the two mounts if you change your mind later by purchasing the other mount type separately. The Aeronaut is made in Italy and is $168.Parasport Aeronaut Altimeter

Alti-2 out of DeLand, Florida, in the good ol' USA, manufacturers the Galaxy and Altimaster II analog altimeters, which have been the reliable mainstay of skydivers since the original version was developed by Steve Snyder, nearly 50 years ago. The Galaxy is the more common sport version available in several aluminum case colors and with a glow-in-the-dark face or white face. The Galaxy is $169 and comes with a hand mount, but a Velcro wrist strap is available separately. The Altimaster II for $181 is the largest analog altimeter available, and comes without any mounts, but has several mounting options for a wrist or pillow mount.Alti-2 Analog Altimeters

Finally, there is LB Altimeters with the ALTITRACK and STELLA. Both of these altimeters are electronic, powered by a battery, with an analog face and pointer. The ALTITRACK ($362) additionally has a digital display on the back for looking at your jump history and jump data as it stores the info as a full logbook, which can also be downloaded using separately available software and computer connections. The STELLA ($207) is the ALTITRACK minus the digital back display, logging and computer connection. Although it can do the last jump replay with its pointer.STELLA & ALTITRACK Altimeters

More info on each of these altimeters can be found in each individual listing on ChutingStar.com in the Analog Altimeters category. Happy reading and shopping for that new altimeter that is just right for you!