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  1. SonoAlti 3V Service Bulletin Update Improves Sound Quality

    The popular speaking audible altimeter from Freefall Data Systems has an available update for improving the sound quality, volume and reliability of its built-in speaker. Reports of failing speakers was determined to be a firmware issue, which is resolved with a firmware and sound file update.

    If you have a SonoAlti 3V unit with a firmware of 1.0 or 1.1, this firmware update is for you. To find out what firmware version you have, press the button adjacent to the speaker with a paper clip to hear the firmware number.

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  2. SonoAlti G2 Unique In Audible Comparison

    Bluetooth connection, 32 alarm sounds and syncs jumps to a Logbook, are just a few highlights of the SonoAlti G2 that shows off the unique design of the newest audible altimeter at ChutingStar.

    Thanks to designer Casey Mongoven of Freefall Data Systems who integrated the Bluetooth connection, you can manage the SonoAlti G2 settings from an app on your phone. Any of 32 alarm sounds can be selected for an unlimited number of alarms for freefall or canopy flight, and then those alarms can be further adjusted by volume, pitch and tempo.

    See this overview of the new SonoAlti G2 below, which is now available at ChutingStar at this link.

    The SonoAlti G2 is one of 14 audible altimeters currently stocked and supported by ChutingStar.

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  3. LB Altimeters Service Centers

    Larsen & Brusgaard, aka LB Altimeters, continues to show why they are one of the most trusted and respected altimeter makers in the skydiving industry. The company's customer service is well-known as anyone who ever has an issue with one of their products can return it to their headquarters in Denmark for a repair or replacement at little to no cost.

    Well now LB Altimeters has gone another step further for its worldwide market and has added two service centers: one in the U.S. and one in Europe. Here are the details on how to have your LB product serviced if you ever have an issue.

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  4. Digital Altimeter Features Comparison

    Digital skydiving altimeters have continued to be improved upon the past few years, but the recent release of the DigiAlti plus the Dekunu One SmartAlti. Alti-2 Juno, and AON2 X2 has really shaken up the offerings for skydivers.

    One by Dekunu is the first sport skydiving specific digital altimeter featuring GPS with 3D location tracking. After jump feedback includes jump-path mapping, G-force, swoop and landing zone analysis, which is all synced to the cloud to view, analyze and share. The AON2 X2 has similar GPS features.

    The DigiAlti by Freefall Data Systems features a unique LED LightBar in addition to an LCD Digital display. The LightBar allows you to customize up to 33 different light alerts and affects.

    So far, VISO II+ has stood strong and continues to be the best selling digital altimeter, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice specifically for you. Read on for a comparison of features to make that choice for yourself.

    Skydivers in the U.S. essentially have 7 digital altimeters to choose from. So what are the features of each that would make you choose one over the other?

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  5. Audible Altimeter Survey Results

    While you can always see our comparison of current audible altimeters at this link, we wanted to hear from you on what you love, hate and/or desire in an audible altimeter!

    And did you ever let us know what you think! More than 200 of you took our survey that was open April 1-15!

    For the swag pack winners, we decided to award four of you, instead of one, and chose those who identified in the COVID-19 question as a person in the medical or first-response fields. Thank you for your support during this time! See our related blog article on those stories at this link.

    The short and sweet from the survey is that the majority of you use and love anything made by Larsen & Brusgaard, and L&B's Protrack II is the audible that is being most considered as your next purchase. Still, the Alti-2 N3/Atlas also received high marks as well the AON2 Brilliant Pebbles. And most importantly, we think the written feedback and comments from all of you is an invaluable resource for other skydivers and the manufacturers.

    So lets dive into your responses on these and all the others...

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  6. Digital Altimeter Survey Results

    You were heard! We had exactly 160 of you take our digital altimeter survey the first 2 weeks of February 2020!

    Before we dive into the results, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of the ChutingStar Swag Pack is Jake Forest of Raleigh, North Carolina (randomly selected with a blind scroll & click through the 160 responses)! We've sent him his large pack of ChutingStar goods. A huge thank you to Jake and the rest of you for taking the time to fill out our survey! We've also sent this survey results blog post to all the altimeter manufacturers in hopes they will incorporate your suggestions in future altimeter development.

    The quick and dirty is that while L&B's ARES and VISO digital altimeters were the most used by you we found that Alti-2 Atlas was more likely to be your favorite altimeter and it was the Dekunu One that has piqued your interest as being your next altimeter.

    Check out these response charts below as well as specific feedback from your fellow skydivers.

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  7. Mudflap Altimeter Mount Overview

    Mudflap mounts may have become more popular due to Wingsuiting and Swooping, but now they are being used by all types of skydivers for an easy-to-view placement of your altimeter.

    Henry Kochen of the ChutingStar Crew took some time in the video below to show the different types of mudflap altimeter mounts available, their options and how they are installed.

    You can find all the mudflap altimeter mounts on ChutingStar at this link.

    Available mudflap mounts include:

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  8. STELLA Adds Twist to Analog Altimeters Lineup

    With the release of the STELLA electronic analog altimeter by LB Altimeters (aka Larsen & Brusgaard), skydivers are living in a brand new world of analog altimeters to choose from.

    Even manufacturer Mads Larsen was surprised by the demand and response a few days before initial STELLA orders shipped out.

    STELLA Electronic Analog Altimeter

    "The STELLA seems to have become very popular..." he told ChutingStar.

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  9. Altimeter Mounting to the Bonehead Altimount

    Altimeters can be hard-mounted to the carbon fiber mount by drilling holes to match the altimeter back plate screws.

    Use longer screws than what is supplied with the altimeter to screw through the bottom of the mount and into the altimeter.

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  10. The Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount Install

    The ChutingStar Wedge Mudflap Altimeter Mount is the most secure mudflap altimeter mount available. It has three points of connection: vertically through the mudflap, horizontally around the mudflap and then through the chest strap.

    The Wedge is available in several different configuration depending on your mudflap shape, mudflap size, chest strap size and side you want to install it on.

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