AON2 X2 GPS Altimeter

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AON2 X2 GPS Altimeter. The next generation digital altimeter with GPS.

Long battery life
With up to 1 week standby time and up to 50 hours of GPS navigation, you can have worry-free adventures with X2.

Bring your situational awareness to the next level by combining altitude awareness and location awareness.

X2 works with your Android or iOS smartphone wirelessly. Download jump logs, set GPS waypoints and more.

High-resolution color screen
Enhance your situational awareness with flight data displayed on our large, high-resolution 2.7″ LCD screen with excellent clarity in bright sunlight.

DZ navigation
Arrow indicators for DZ heading and distance, and set up waypoints for navigation.

Built for any landing
X2 has IPX7 waterproof rating and can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water down to 1 metre depth. Landed in the swoop pond? No problem!

Technical specifications

  • Operating altitude: 0 to 33,000ft (0m to 11000m)
  • High resolution sunlight readable colour display (2.7″)
  • Backlight for low light or night jumps
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery life: 5 days*
  • Charging: USB Type C
  • Feet or meters
  • Full IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Dimensions: 77.36 x 55.12 x 13.11 mm (3.04 x 2.17 x 0.5″)
  • Changeable arm bands


  • barometer
  • ambient light sensor
  • 6-axis motion sensor
  • compass


  • Ground speed, track
  • Range and heading to landing area
  • Glide ratio
  • GPS log upload to Android/iOS

Detailed jump logging with wireless upload to Android/iOS

  • Exit altitude
  • Freefall time
  • Opening altitude

*battery life depends on GPS usage, backlight and other functions being used.

Does it have a touchscreen?

  • No, the X2 does not have a touchscreen, but rather 3 glove-friendly buttons on the side. Most functions will also be accessible through a smartphone app interface via Bluetooth.

Is there be an arm mount included?

  • Yes, the arm mount is included in the price.

How long is the battery life? Is the battery replaceable?

  • Battery life depends on the usage - typically up to 1 week of normal usage. On standby, the X2 can last up to 30 days on a single charge. Charging is done via USB Type C. Only 0.25A is needed so most 1.0A-rated chargers and normal computer USB ports will be able to provide sufficient current.
  • The battery is not user-replaceable due to the waterproofing of the device. However, we will offer a battery replacement service, and due to the low power design of the X2, the battery should last several years without noticeable degradation.

Does it have audible functions?

  • No, the X2 does not have any audible functions. For audible indication of glide slope, heading, and GPS data logging we highly recommend the FlySight (

Can I use it with polarized sunglasses?

  • Viewing the X2 is fine in "landscape mode" with most polarized sunglasses. However, if you rotate the screen 90 degrees to "portrait mode" (such as having your arms raised while flying your canopy) the screen gets blocked out by polarized sunglasses. Therefore, we do not recommend wearing polarized sunglasses while jumping with X2.

What is the GPS update frequency on the X2?

  • The X2 can support up to 18Hz GPS update frequency, but it will dynamically change the update frequency to optimize battery life. Most of the time it will use 1Hz update frequency.

Does it have wifi?

  • No, it does not have wifi. X2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means you can pair it to your mobile phone.

X2 arm bands info and sizing.

Sizing (measure around arm):

  • Small 18cm
  • Medium 20cm
  • Large 22cm

First, to measure your arm band size to select a size, simply measure your arm around where you want to wear your altimeter. If you normally wear it over a jumpsuit, please wear the jumpsuit while taking your measurement.

To change the band, first you need to use the pin tool to pop out the spring-loaded steel bars on the mount. Gently pop them out. The arm band is just a circular piece of elastic band. There is an extra little loop in it to keep the mount from sliding around the band too much, but it's basically just a circular band.

Now, you can make your own! You just need 50mm elastic strap (you can get them for really cheap on eBay) or your local rigger probably has the straps in stock. If you can sew (or have a sewing machine) you can do it yourself, and your rigger can probably make one in less than a minute.

What color strap would you want? Where do you want to mount your X2? The possibilities are endless!

Note: if you pull on the band hard enough, you can bend the steel pins and pop them out of the mount. So please don't make a U-shaped band as this would put all of the load into the pins! A circular band distributes the load better, and ensures you're less likely to lose your X2!

Once you receive your X2, you might be wondering about the included small metal tool.

Is it for a reset button? A SIM card? Actually, no. These are for changing the arm band size. We know that these elastic arm bands eventually lose their elasticity over time, and you might need to change them over the colder months as you wear thicker clothing. So, AON2 designed X2's mount to have easily changeable arm bands!

One last thing - if you lose your pin tool, a straightened paperclip will also work. Blue skies!

More Information
Brand AON2
Color Black
Alarm Type No Alarms
Analog/Digital Digital
Battery Type Rechargeable
Data Log Detailed jump logging with wireless upload to Android/iOS for exit altitude, freefall time & opening altitude
Downloadable Info Mac, Windows, Yes
Feet or Meters Settings for Feet and Meters
Function Altimeter only
Visual Port No
Wearability Wristmount
Night Jump Glow Yes
Price View Price Range
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Customer Reviews
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  1. Good concept but needs a lot of work

    -gps is good for wingsuiting. Tells you where the DZ is.
    -gps tells you where you are in the plane relative to the DZ and tells you jump run speed.
    -Built in log keeps track of your jump states.
    -color screen and built in backlight for night jumps

    -the features don’t all work reliably. The GPS can easily cut out in the airplane depending on where you sit and it does not always reaquare the sats.
    -sometimes I have to manually turn on the gps prior to first jump for it to lock onto the sats otherwise it may not function correctly.
    - the altimeter does not sync logs to my phone correctly. I can’t download my jump data to my phone at all.
    -battery life is poor. I have to charge it every 2-3 days of jumping, and that’s with the backlight off.
    -dust gets into the unit which collects on the inside of the glass and I don’t know of any way to clean it.

    Overall it’s a cool concept and when it works it’s fantastic, but overall the features, especially the gps, just arnt constantly reliable. I can’t recommend it for the price. I think $400 is reasonable, but not $650, at least not in its current state. The software needs more debugging I think.

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    Posted on

  2. Having problem on Battary
    Good product for wingsuite. Having problem on the battery ???? it's not charging 100%. contact the company No response
    Have some scratches on the screen. If your wearing A polariz Sunglasses you won't be Able to see the screen

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Love it!
    World great. Loaded with features. Wish it had an auto shutoff, but other than that it is perfect. Great display. It's huge!

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    Posted on

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