Need an AAD during the time your unit is in for maintenance? Or just one to get you by until you can save for a new AAD, or find a great deal on a used one?

ChutingStar has several CYPRES 2 Expert & Speed units available for rental at just over $2 a day!

Here's the scoop on how the rental CYPRES unit program works:

  • Click this link to see if any units are currently available for rental. Our rental units are listed as 4-Week CYPRES 2 Expert or Speed 1-pin AAD Rental.
  • Order/pay online to have the unit shipped to you.
  • 4-week rental period starts when you receive it.
  • The $60 rental fee is for a maximum of 4 weeks from the date you receive it to the date you ship it back to ChutingStar.
  • Shipping to/from you is not included in the $60 fee. And the shipping time to/from you is not part of the 4-week period.
  • Extended rental time is available in 4-week/$60 increments
  • We ask you to return the CYPRES in the same padded white box it was sent to you in, and include any of the unit's paperwork that we send with it.
  • Insure the shipment for $400 on the return.
  • Any damage above normal wear, a fired cutter or a lost shipment back to us is your financial responsibility.

To start your rental, or to order a new AAD, click the AADs link on right here.