Keeping Your Head: Safe Cookie G3 GoPro Mounts

Skydivers LOVE their Cookie G3 helmets as well as their GoPro cameras...but combining those two together has been a bit of a gamble in the past as the full-face helmet didn't have any type of cutaway system. And a cutaway system is important at 2,000 feet when that pilot chute just got snagged on your camera mount at the end of a crazy, funneled skydive with a "save yourself" deployment.

Cookie hasn't yet developed a cutaway system for the helmet, so skydivers have resolved to either take the risk, make their own cutaway system, make a mount that is less likely to get snagged or find a mount that cuts away the camera.

The most unique mount is from Vmag, which allows a quick release via magnets. This unique mount is available as a chin or top mount

Cookie G3 GoPro Roller Mount

Cookie now produces their own GoPro Roller Mount as a top mount system that reduces the chance of an entanglement due to the way the mount cradles the GoPro housing. This mount doesn't have a cutaway system, but it's safer than a traditional GoPro squeeze buckle mount.

This Cookie Mount is also available for the new GoPro Session camera too. The Cookie G3 Roller Mount is available here!

If you're ready to mount a camera to a G3, and if choosing one with a cutaway system, add your new additional cutaway handle into your routine emergency procedures on the ground, in the plane as well as in the air or under canopy. If you don't know where the handle is, it won't do you any good if and when you need to use it, and you can't find it.

Finally, the Overdose Cookie G3 Helmet Cutaway Kit adds a cutaway handle to the entire helmet. This makes just about any camera mount you add to a G3 safer since you can now cutaway if you are involved in an entanglement. This kit has been discontinued, but you might be able to find one in the used gear market.

Keep your head so you can skydive more!