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  • First Look: Sony Action Cam

    Sony is making their entrance into the action camera market with the appropriately named "Sony Action Cam". My friends over at ChutingStar loaned me one to try out and see how it stacks up. The Sony Action Cam comes in two models, one that is WiFi enabled and one that is not. I got to play with the WiFi enabled version.

    My first impression was that it's small and light with very few buttons. The bottom is curved so it will not stand up on it's own, you must put it in a case of some sort. In other words, you can't just set the camera on the table and press "record" because it will fall over. The clear plastic housing has a flat bottom with a standard camera screw mount, so it can be mounted onto any tripod or camera mount. Once inside the housing there is only one accessible button. Pressing that button turns the camera on and automatically starts recording, pressing it again will stop recording and the camera will automatically power off in 10 or 60 seconds depending on your settings. An attachment screws into the bottom of the housing which allows you to clip it into Sony's self adhesive mounts. This mounting system is a fixed angle system, so placement of the adhesive mounts is crucial. There is a tilt adapter that can be purchased separately that allows for angle adjustment though, and I think the Surfboard mount kit also comes with an angle adapter. Continue reading

  • 12 for 12 Skydiving Chicks Rock 2013

    Last weekend Skydive Elsinore in California hosted its 12th annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie and it truly rocked! Aside from the killer party we have all come to expect from the Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie, Elsinore was host to some of the badest organizers including formation, freefly, and wingsuiting.

    Photo by: Oliver "Olee" Finkelde Photo by: Oliver "Olee" Finkelde

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  • Birdman is Back!

    Birdman has a new line of wingsuits with fresh designs and an easier ordering procedure. They are doing something a bit unique in the wingsuit market by having 6 color patterns for each of their 3 current designs. Each design comes in 12 stock sizes as their research shows that these will cover at least 80% of the skydiver body sizes.

    Blade III Blade III
    Katana Katana
    Ninja Ninja

    The sizing is listed online for height, weight, chest and shoe size. If you are within the measurements for a particular size, you can choose the color pattern you like and place your order. Some of these suits are in stock at their facility and ready to be shipped to us right away.

    If the particular color or size is not in stock, the manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks plus shipping time to us. Continue reading

  • CYPRES2 C2 0113 Service Bulletin Update

    July 2013 CYPRES2 Service Bulletin.

    IMPORTANT Follow-Up to CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin C2 0113 – Additional included serial numbers and other important information.

    In a follow-up to Service Bulletin C2 0113, beginning this month (July 2013), Airtec GmbH & Co. KG and SSK Industries, Inc. are accepting CYPRES units affected by the Service Bulletin for premature updates. In order to proceed in an orderly manner and to not create a backlog, which would delay the return of your CYPRES, only units which were manufactured from September 2012 to December 2012 are being accepted at this time. Continue reading

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