Rigging Innovations New Mojo MARD

Rigging Innovations has added the long-awaited MOJO MARD system to it's container options for the CURV and CPX harness/container systems. The most well-known example of a MARD system is the Skyhook by United Parachute Technologies. MARD stands for Main-Assisted Reserve Deployment System and is basically an RSL (reserve static line) on steroids. When using a MARD system and you cutaway your main, the main essentially becomes your reserve pilot chute. This results in a much quicker transition sequence from a cutaway to an open reserve canopy. The MOJO can be added to any new order of an RI Curv or CPX container from ChutingStar at this link. A retrofit kit is also available for these containers as well as the Telesis 3.0, and requires no modification to the harness or container as the system is converted through a new MOJO reserve freebag. The MOJO is now a standard component for the Telesis 4.0 student training container from Rigging Innovations. Price for the option on a new container and for the retrofit kit is the same, $295.