The Cutter and Display are replaceable by your local rigger. The Display must be of the correct version for your unit, so check with the manufacturer. All Vigil II displays are interchangeable.

Unscrew both Phillips head closing screws and separate the main box casing. Gently lift-up and remove the cutter or display, keeping the rubber seal in place. Insert the new cutter or display through the rubber seal without damage. Seat the rubber seal in the appropriate grooves.

Reclose main box, ensuring the rubber seal is in place. Secure both closing screws and put new sticker from the new display or cutter over closing screw closest to cables. Turn unit on to make sure the unit passes the startup checks.

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignleft" width="444"]Replacing Vigil II Cutter/Display Replacing Vigil II Cutter/Display[/caption]

New Vigil II Cutters are available from ChutingStar at this link.

New Vigil II Displays are available from ChutingStar at this link.