How To Submit Your Complete Skydiving Rig Order

Submitting an order for complete skydiving rig has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and while online technology has made the orders more accurate, it's not an exactly straight forward process for those ordering their first rig. So in this article, we'll break down the process and make it a bit easier to know you're on the right path to jumping out of a plane with your own rig! The process is summarized in these 8 steps:
  • Choosing the Container, Canopies & AAD
  • Finding the price for the complete skydiving rig gear package
  • Submitting the manufacturer container order form
  • Submitting the manufacturer canopy order forms
  • Submitting the complete skydiving rig package order
  • Confirming the details
  • Waiting for the rig to be manufactured and rigged
  • Receiving the rig and jumping it!
Here are the details on each step... Choosing the Container, Canopies & AAD You can't go wrong with any of the current manufacturers of skydiving containers, canopies and AADs, but there are definitely models and sizes that are made for each skill level. So if you're not already up to speed on what canopies are best for you and the appropriate size, then start by talking with your local skydiving instructors who are familiar with your skydiving history. They can let you know what size canopy is appropriate, and will let you know what main canopy models are the right first choice for you. For example, common main canopies for a new jumper buying their first rig can include the Pilot, Triathlon, S Fire, Safire 3, Volt, Sabre2, Spectre, Silhouette and Pulse. Your drop zone may favor just one or two of those...maybe the Sabre2 or Pilot...and maybe you've jumped one of those in a rental rig and are familiar with its flight characteristics. So that may help make your decision. Manufacturing time can affect the final canopy or container decision as some canopies have a large stock color selection that you can get immediately and others take several weeks or months to build. The same is true for containers. The fastest your rig can be ready to jump is based on the slowest item for us to receive, which usually is a custom main canopy or your custom container. Most reserve canopies and AADs are in stock. Choosing the container comes down more to personal preference, available options and price. All standard sport containers can be made to fit your chosen model and size of canopies and AAD. And then each harness/container is built to your body measurements for that perfect fit. Asking local jumpers on their preferences as well as looking through the available containers, options and prices on at this link can help narrow down the choices. Our ChutingStar Crew are skydivers just like you, and can help with you choices as well via phone, e-mail  or stopping into our shop. Once you've decided what you're going with, now the ordering process begins. Finding the price for the complete skydiving rig gear package Knowing how much the rig will cost can be determined through the Complete Rig Packages page at this link.  Select the container you have chosen and then use the dropdown menus to select the main, reserve, AAD and any options for the rig. The price will adjust for that item in real time so you see how each part affects the price, and you know what the total will be. This is also the place you'll end up submitting the order selection and payment. And it's also where you can find the order forms for the next step in the process. Submitting the manufacturer container order form Some container order forms are now submitted directly through the manufacturer's web site. When submitting an order for a container manufacturer that has its own online ordering page, you'll choose ChutingStar as the dealer during that process. Within each gear package, we've listed the instructions and links. Once a container order is submitted through the manufacturer online form, an e-mail with those details is sent to ChutingStar. For the others that use a .pdf order form, you'll download that linked form from our site, fill it out and then upload it with your complete skydiving rig package on (which is a couple more steps later). Submitting the manufacturer canopy order forms If choosing a stock canopy that you've found on a manufacturer web site, you can just note that stock number on your ChutingStar order in the next step, or, it can be submitted through the manufacturer's online order process too, noting ChutingStar as the dealer. If choosing your own color scheme, or there isn't a stock canopy available, then you submit the order details either through the manufacturer online order form (noting ChutingStar as the dealer), or by downloading/uploading the .pdf order form. Submitting the complete skydiving rig package order Once you have the container and canopy online order forms submitted or the .pdf order form completed, then you're ready to complete the ordering process by submitting the full order online through the Complete Skydiving Rig Package page. First, click on the gear package of the rig you're ordering. Then select the canopies, noting the size as well as a stock number (if choosing one from stock). You can also upload a main canopy .pdf form, if that applies to your order. Select the AAD and then any additional container options. If the container has a .pdf order form, you can upload that too. Once it's all configured, click Add To Cart, and then proceed through checkout. The order will then be received and reviewed by our ChutingStar Skydiving Crew, who will combine it with any online manufacturer orders you've submitted. We'll also be in touch to confirm the order has been received as well as with any questions we have. At any time during the process, you can reach out for help to our ChutingStar Skydiving Crew at the contact info at this link. Confirming the details Once our ChutingStar Skydiving Crew has gone over the order with you and resolved any issues or questions, we'll then proceed with placing the final orders with the container and canopy manufacturers. Each manufacturer will then send us a confirmation on the details of your order for and we will forward it to you for your final approval. This is an extremely important part of the process and your final chance to make sure the details are correct. Once confirmed, changes cannot be made and the order is under way! Waiting for the rig to be manufactured and rigged Now it's just a waiting game. At ChutingStar, a gear tub with a folder of your order details is added to our custom gear room where we collect the items for your complete rig, such as the free ChutingStar Gear Bag, and any extras you may have ordered. Your AAD will be pulled from out stock as close as possible to your estimated completion date. As each item comes in from the manufacturers, it's checked in, verified and then added to your gear tub. Once the last item comes in, a final check is done and the gear is taken up to our rigging loft where the inspection and packing is completed. The inspected and packed rig, and all the related extra items, are then brought down to ChutingStar Skydiving Crew for a final look over your order, rig and any extras. If it's all correct and ready, you are then contacted for pickup at our shop if you're local to us, or, the gear is taken to the shipping table where our warehouse crew will carefully package up your rig to ship out. Receiving the rig and jumping it! If the rig is shipping, you'll receive tracking info. And once it arrives or you pick it up, it's now your new baby! Let the unboxing begin! Before jumping your new rig, read our related blog article at this link. Now go jump, pack, repeat!