Used Skydiving Gear Available!

ChutingStar is not only your go to resource for new skydiving gear, equipment education and skydiver product reviews, but we also resell a varied selection of used skydiving gear! This can include canopies, containers, altimeters, helmets, jumpsuits, cameras, accessories and random skydiver goods. The selection and quantity varies, but whatever is in stock is always at a good deal, and can be immediately returned if it doesn't fit or is not what was expected. ChutingStar's used gear section also includes at time new items that have been on the stock shelf too long, items damaged in shipping or blemished returns as well as some rental items. All items have been inspected by our Master Rigger, DPRE and Owner, Mike Gruwell. So you can be confident the items are as described in the listings. See the current selection at these links: And if you're looking to sell you're used gear, see our article on how to submit your gear to us to buy at this link.