Want ChutingStar At Your Boogie?

ChutingStar's Crew would love to attend every event and boogie each year!

Unfortunately we can't physically be at every boogie, but we can help you and your skydivers in other ways. Read about the three different options below, and contact the ChutingStar Crew about attending or supporting your next boogie! Boogie Bags, Giveaways and/or Prizes For the events or boogies we can't attend, we can offer our boogie bags, which can be filled with stickers, pullup cords and the like from ChutingStar as well as any other giveaways you get for your skydivers.  For larger boogies, or benefit events, we can offer prizes from our stock and/or certificates toward gear purchases. Contact us at this link with the following info:
  • Name of event and location
  • Start and end date of the event
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Do you need and would you use the boogie bags?
  • Other types of items requested to help promote your event?
Sub-Dealer Support Are you a ChutingStar Sub-Dealer? Or are you a Drop Zone or DZ Store that wants to become a sub-dealer? If you have a store taking care of the gear offerings, but just need help making sure you have the right items for your event, we can help you! This can include:
  • Volume discounts on boogie orders
  • Coordinating items to be delivered in time for your event
  • Consult on new items, most popular items and best-sellers
  • Advice on item volume for boogies
  • Promotion through social media, newsletter and website
  • Custom Banner Promoting DZ/Store working with ChutingStar
Contact us at this link if you need help with stocking up for your event or would like to have a banner! ChutingStar Crew At Your Event With Our Portable Store By far the most popular option, but we can't physically be everywhere. Our boogie tour is setup usually a year in advance, so if you want us at your boogie, best thing is to contact us early! When we come to your event, we bring everything we can stuff in our boogie van, along with the most important person: Laura Bales!
  • We bring the latest gear for sale
  • The ChutingStar Tent, which doubles as Hydration Central with iced-down GoFast, the ChutingStar Water Cooler and plenty of Camelbak Packs & Bottles.
  • Demo Altimeters & Helmets from several manufacturers
  • Replacement parts and everyday skydiver items
  • The incredible Laura Bales of the ChutingStar Crew
  • Custom order advice, measuring and ordering for containers and jumpsuits
  • Promotion through social media before and during the event
For info on our current boogie tour, see this link. Contact us at this link if you would like us to attend your event and Laura will let you know what we're able to do.