In a sea of photographers, Adrian Fuentes quickly stands out as a true artist.

His photos of local skaters show off their talents while blowing your mind with the overall shot framing as well as the coloring through an infrared process.

[caption id="attachment_1209" align="alignleft" width="240"] Adrian Fuentes[/caption]

It's so easy to visualize Adrian's work filling an art gallery. And no clearer is that than three recent shots he produced from a recent visit with ChutingStar Skate Park Manager Tyler Ebert to the new Riverdale Skate Park, just south of Atlanta.

[caption id="attachment_1212" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tyler Ebert with a Pole Jam Tail Grab.[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1211" align="alignleft" width="240"] Tyler nailing a Pole Jam Board Slide.[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1213" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tyler's Transfer over the Quarter Pipe Platform.[/caption]


All three photos above were taken during a session with Tyler on June 30, 2017. Adrian used a Nikon D300 camera converted to color-infrared with a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.

Now 39, Adrian first picked up a camera at the age of 16 to grab shots of his friends playing in bands at different venues. That interest later led to a decision to move to Atlanta from North Carolina after high school to pursue and study photography...and he's been involved with some aspect of photography ever since.

But it was only in the past few years that Adrian discovered the process of converting a digital camera to be able to read infrared light. At the same time, Adrian got back on a skateboard after a break from his childhood passion for 20 years.

Adrian started skating at the age of 6, skating with his two older brothers until he was 18 when his interests changed and friends moved away. Just after turning 38, he became aware of the number of skate parks in the area and re-discovered the "pure joy of riding a skateboard."

One of those parks for Adrian is ChutingStar Skate Park & Shop, which "has been nothing short of amazing," he says. "All the ramps and obstacles are super rad, and the guys working the skate shop are awesome. I haven't missed a week of skating since I started riding again."

It didn't take long for Adrian to get back up to speed skating and then find an outlet to combine his love for both skateboarding and photography together.

[caption id="attachment_1210" align="alignleft" width="300"] Adrian with a Kick Flip Fakie behind ChutingStar Skate Park & Shop.[/caption]


"I don't see this combo slowing any time in the near future," says Adrian. "Both media allow an expression that cannot be duplicated by conventional means. I think that is part of the beauty of both passions; neither are conventional."

Adrian splits his time between his photography, his job of installing high end furniture and fine art around Atlanta as well as spending time with his girlfriend raising their daughter. He continues to work toward photography being able to fully support his family.

"Hopefully that will include photographing skateboarding," says Adrian. "But no matter what, I will continue to ride and never give up this absolute obsession."

Adrian has one more message to pass along to skaters: "Support your local skate shop."