A huge thank you to the 187 of you who responded to the main canopy survey the first two weeks of May at ChutingStar.com!

This one was a bit more long-winded than our past surveys, but we felt that was the only way to truly get feedback on main canopies that are so varied by manufacturer, type and size as well as everyone's different experience level. We truly appreciate all of you that took the time to complete this survey.

After sorting and reading through all the results, comments and feedback, we've found that we can't sum this up in one article. So we're going to be doing a series of articles over the next several weeks in our blog

What we can tell you so far is that the 187 of you who took this survey have a combined 280,876 jumps! The average number of jumps for those responding was 1502 and the average mains you've tried is 9. So the responses were in-depth and rich with information.

PD's Sabre/Sabre2 topped every category as the most popular first canopy, your favorite main canopy and the canopy most recommended to others as their first main canopy. It also tops the list as to which canopy you're currently jumping.

Instructors and coaches topped the list on who or what influenced you on your first canopy purchased followed closely on just finding a good deal.

Thank you for helping other skydivers know more before they buy!

Oh, and we decided to award two winners of ChutingStar Swag Packs...the person reporting the most jumps (19,000+) and the person reporting the least 10. They each are being shipped tons of ChutingStar swag!

Check back soon for more detailed info on your responses.