The Impact-Rated Helmet Revolution

For the last 25+ years, impact-rated helmets have not been an available skydiving gear option. Helmets with impact ratings, such as from the motorcycle world, tended to be too big and bulky for sport skydiving.

But in the past two years, we have seen helmet manufacturers figuring out how to create skydiving helmets that are passing impact testing, and be comfortable and form-fitting for the heads of jumpers.

And in a recent ChutingStar survey, we found that nearly 75% of jumpers want or need an impact rating. So what are the options available?

Four manufacturers are now leading the way with impact-rated skydiving helmets: Parasport, Pro-Tec, Tonfly and Cookie. And skydivers now have a choice in open-face and full face skydiving helmets with crash ratings.

Pro-Tec's Full Cut Certified Skydiving Helmet was the first on the scene, and carries the lowest price tag at $60.

The Full Cut Certified helmet is CPSC/CE dual certified. More info on this helmet along with selecting size and color options to purchase can be found on at this link.

The Tonfly ICE Certified Multi Sport Helmet is $375, and has a unique goggle retainer.

The ICE has been certified with the the European standard EN1077: 2007,  American standard ASTM F2040-11 (for skiing and snowboarding) and the  European standard EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012, category HPG for airborne sports.

This helmet is available in stock colors as well as custom colors. For more info and ordering, see this link on

The Cookie M3 Skydiving Helmet fits right in-between the ICE and Full Cut Certified in price at $169. Cookie's M3 features a moisture-wicking liner.

The M3 complies to the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard AFNOR XP S 72-600 and conforms to this standard under EU Regulation 2016/425.

Cookie's M3 is currently available in 7 colors and 6 sizes at this link on

The Tonfly TFX was the first full face helmet in this impact-rated category, and carries the highest price tag at $537.

Tonfly's TFX helmet has been certified under European standard EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012, category HPG for airborne sports. The visor is additionally rated under EN:166 for personal eye protection. Additionally, the TFX complies to the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600.

The sizing for this helmet is best done by getting fitted with the TFX fitting kit at ChutingStar Skydiving Gear SuperStore (or another shop with the kit) due to the 36 different size combinations. But Tonfly also does have DIY instructions for sizing. You can learn more, do your own measurements or setup a fitting appointment at at this link.

The Cookie G4 builds off the history of the Gas, G2 and G3, but completely redesigned and comes with impact rating certification of the helmet and lens.

The XPS 72-600 is a Skydiving and Windtunnel Helmet standard used for the G4. The impact testing is the same as the EN966 standard for drop height and conditioning prior to impact (5.47 m/s at roughly 1.6 meters). The impact must be less that 250G. The XPS standard also requires a SNAG test, while the EN966 does not. The XPS requires the chinstrap to be on the exterior of the shell so that a line cannot pass up the inside of the helmet, while the EN966 does not. The EN966 is a Hanggliding helmet standard and also has a penetration test, while the XPS does not require a penetration test. However, Cookie has tested the G4 helmet for penetration according to EN966 and it passes with "great results," says Cookie. The visors have an impact rating under the Skydiving Helmet Screen ECP-001 06/2019 at 90m/s, and also passed tests on fogging, luminance, optical quality and UV.

Cookie's G4 Helmet is available for order on at this link.

And the newest member of the impact-rated revolution is Parasport with its ZX Full Face helmet. This beast features several certifications, plus has one of the easiest opening visor systems.

The ZX  has been built around a shock absorbing layer of EPS, allowing the ZX to pass the tests for both the XP S72-600, specific to parachuting and indoor flying, and the EN966 Cat. HPG, dedicated to paragliding and hang gliding. The outer shell, made of shock-absorbing ABS certified for motorcycle helmets, plays a key role in impact control too. As further protection the ZX lens is certified following the EN166 specifications. All the certifications follow the updated regulations for Personal Protection Equipment, the CEPPE EU 2016/425.

Parasport's ZX Full Face Helmet is available for order on at this link.