Basik Seven Skydiving Rig

  1. 7 Raves on the Basik Seven

    (Published in Blue Skies Magazine) If the "small things" in life grab you, then you'll be taken by the Seven. This French-made rig is the brainchild of Basik Air Concept's Jérôme Bunker. Basik's Seven container has a minefield of surprises for skydivers and riggers alike. I assembled, inspected and packed my first Seven container last month, and was impressed by the attention to detail and the several of the design features. As a rigger, my first “Aha!” was with the full protection pocket for the AAD cutter at the base of the reserve container. In essence this keeps the entire cutter enclosed, allowing just the hole open to feed the closing loop through. It’s a clear concept change from the usual elastic keeper in most rigs to hold the base of the cutter in place, but leaving the rest of the cutter and some of the cable exposed as a possible snag point for reserve lines. Continue reading
  2. Basik Seven: Pin Check Procedures

    All manufacturer's skydiving rigs are slightly different, so check this video and description out on how to give a pin check and put all the flaps back in place for your buddy's Seven container.
    The reserve pin is checked by opening the reserve pin cover flap. Lift up the reserve pin cover flap, which has tuck flaps on the sides and is tucked down at the bottom. The pin, loop and seal can be checked. To close, tuck the tops of the side tuck flaps first, continue tucking the side flaps and then tuck in the bottom section into the pocket. Continue reading

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