Kona the King

  1. Kona the King in 2015!

    Kona is King! Kona is King!
      Have you ever wanted to see where one of the people you grew up watching in videos and looking at in magazines grew up? Ever since I watched Rodney Mullen do a “Casper Slide to Primo to 360 out”, I wanted to emulate his style. I am nowhere near as good as him, nor do I partake in that type of skating anymore but, going to one of the oldest parks in the United States is on my bucket list of things to do. It isn’t that far away. It isn’t a Carlsbad or a Venice Beach but, this mass of concrete is the “King of Parks.” The anticipation is growing as the event grows nearer and nearer. I can feel it, it happens every time. These jitters are different though, not the pre run jitters you get right before you start down a mountain, not the butterflies you get when you do that first drop in but, the warm feeling you get when you know you are about to visit one of the “Most Iconic Skate Parks in the World!”  
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