Parachute Systems Replacement Parts

Parachute Systems, known for the Vortex container as well as the Decelerator, Hurricane, Volt and Ventus canopies, stopped new manufacturing in August 2019. The owner, Chris Dales, is looking for a new manufacturing facility for Parachute Systems, so it is possible that manufacturing will restart in the future.

But for now, if you already own a Parachute Systems canopy or container, and need a new lineset, freebag/bridle, reserve pilot chute, replacement handle or the like, we can get those for you. The turnaround time and price do vary, so you'll need to contact us for any of those needs as these are either in-stock with Chris, or are made to order.

We are stocking replacement reserve pilot chutes for the Vortex, and those can be purchased at this link.

All other replacement parts can be purchased by contacting ChutingStar at this link.

Note: Linesets are available in Vectran or Dacron.