We know...most skydiving equipment is crazy expensive. It can be a huge deterrent in staying in the sport past that first jump and/or student training.

While I was able to work, save and spend my cash through student training and the basics of a helmet, altimeter and jumpsuit back in 1995...it was only due to having secured a credit card that I was able to purchase my first complete skydiving rig a year later (an Infinity with CYPRES, Tempo Reserve and Triathlon Main through Larry Chernis at Skydive Kapowsin). It took me a few years to finally pay that off...but at least I was able to skydive with my own rig during that time!

Not everyone who wants to be a skydiver and have their own gear has immediately available cash. But ChutingStar has put a couple of options in place to help skydivers get into gear they can jump now (and work through the payments as they work and skydive).


The first available at checkout is Klarna.

Just select Klarna at checkout to split your total purchase into 4 equal installments. No added interest or fees when you pay on time!

  • 4 equal interest-free installments
  • Zero interest
  • No fees when you pay on time
  • Available for orders of $35-$1000
  • Simply enter your card details and automatic payments are taken every two weeks
  • Complete terms at this link

Paypal Credit

Paypal credit is a financing option under the Paypal payment section at checkout at ChutingStar.com.

This option is available for any purchase amount.

This financing is directly through Paypal and is subject to their credit approval. If you're able to pay it off in full within 6 months, there is zero interest. It is limited to US residents. All the details can be found at this link.

ChutingStar Payment Plan

The last option is directly through ChutingStar for orders of complete rigs. Because certain parts of a complete rig can take longer than others, we can put a payment plan in place based on the timing of when each part is ordered. We put together the entire rig purchase on a Sales Order and then schedule out when each item would need to be ordered and paid.

For example, lets say you pick a custom container that takes 20 weeks to build, a custom main canopy that takes 6 weeks to manufacture, a reserve that's usually available off the shelf plus an AAD that ChutingStar keeps stocked. You initially pay for just the container portion to get that under way. And then 14 weeks later, pay for the main canopy to be built, and then 6 weeks later pay for the reserve and AAD. And finally when it's all assembled and ready to ship, pay for the rigging and shipping to you.

Turnaround times for containers and canopies do change frequently, so sometimes this option can cause delays in the final piece arriving, but it does give you the ability to save up for payments during the whole process.

Contact our ChutingStar Crew at this link, for more info on this option and to get a Sales Order and order/payment plan created for your custom skydiving rig.