ChutingStar's Socks & Water Drive For The Homeless

ChutingStar has been blessed with abundant business over the past 20 years and most of our donations to those in need are done in private. But this year we're asking our customers to join in with a drive to donate socks and water to the homeless in our area. In Marietta GA, where ChutingStar is located, there is a homeless shelter less than a mile away and homeless people are frequently seen along the main roads. According to a 2015 Georgia Department of Community Affairs Report, there is estimated to be 14,000 homeless in Georgia. Owners Mike & Stephanie Gruwell have pledged to give away 1 pair of socks and 1 bottle of water to the homeless for every order placed online from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day.  And these aren't your cheap multi-sock packs from your local Wal-Mart or Target; the socks we'll be giving away will be from Stance, OddSox and our wide variety of skateboard companies that make high-quality individually packaged thick socks for skateboarders. These socks would definitely be at least one small step in keeping the homeless warm at night. So how do you join in with the drive? Just order something from between Black Friday and Christmas, anything, no matter how big or small will count as an order to be counted toward the number of donated socks and water. We will update this article weekly with the number of orders so you can watch how the drive progresses. Update: 1230 orders received from Thanksgiving to Christmas! That's 1230 pairs of socks and bottles of water being donated to the homeless through Love Beyond Walls. Thanks for all your support. We delivered the socks and water plus several more bags and boxes of donated clothes to Love Beyond Walls on Jan. 10. These items were distributed on Martin Luther King Day at Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta. Thank you for your support! See our Facebook post with photos at this link. The socks and water will be given to Love Beyond Walls, an Atlanta organization that focuses on raising awareness of the homeless and mobilizing people to serve those in need. We'll also highlight different organizations, such as MUST Ministries, as well as individual people helping the homeless over the next month to share their stories in hopes to bring light upon their situation and hopefully spur others to help in their own way. Thank you for your business and love! ~ Mike & Steph Check out this video from Love Beyond Walls to see how one group is fighting poverty and homelessness: Voiceless: A Documentary On Systemic Poverty from Love Beyond Walls on Vimeo.