VSE Infinity Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package

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VSE Infinity Complete Skydiving Rig Gear Package.

Now built at no extra charge with the Infinity MARD (Main Assisted Reserve Deployment)!

This ChutingStar Gear Package includes:

  • Base price of Infinity harness/container
  • Stock or Custom PD Sabre3 main canopy
  • Stock or Custom PD Reserve canopy

Substitutions of main or reserve canopies are available as well as for the AAD (see the price difference drop down boxes). Extra options for the Infinity can be added above. The initial assembly, inspection and packing can also be added with a full rig purchase above.

Additional information on each part can be found in their respective individual listing on ChutingStar.com.

Now built at no extra charge with every new Infinity:

  • MARD (NEW!)
  • Stainless Steel hardware (NEW!)
  • Hip rings (NEW!)
  • Floating laterals (NEW!)
  • Mesh or Cordura back pad (NEW!)
  • Reserve ripcord of your choice (Pillow, D, Low D or Mini Helwedge) (NEW!)
  • Main pilot chute handle of your choice (hackey w/ tab or free fly pud) (NEW!)
  • Rolled edge leg pads
  • Dual Riser Covers
  • Main risers (22") with hard housings with main toggles
  • Main riser cutaway pillow and cables
  • Main Pin Cover Protection
  • Main deployment bag (d-bag)
  • Main kill line pilot chute with bridle
  • Reserve Static Line (RSL)
  • Reserve toggles
  • Reserve free bag with bridle
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Polycarbonate hook knife
  • Spring Loaded Legstrap Adapters
  • Standard color pattern with VSE logos embroidered on left mudflap & both side bodies, and the Infinity™ symbol on the #1 flap

Standard "free options" on the Infinity include collapsible main pilot chute with hackey handle, RSL and polycarbonate hook knife. 

VSE has added a new standard comfort option and safety feature on the Infinity. Contoured leg pads and a freefly friendly tuck tabs on the hackey and monkey fist pilot chute handles are the latest and greatest additions to this freefly friendly rig!

The contoured leg pads have no binding tape showing on the inside of the leg pads meaning they aren't going to cause any pinching and eliminate any discomfort.

"Say bye-bye to that uncomfortable “pinch” you might get from those standard leg pads with the binding tape on the outside. With Infinity’s new contoured leg pads the seam is internal making it way more comfortable in the crotch. This modification was sort of a no-brainer once it was applied. Kind of like "why didn’t they always do that?!" Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones." - Jeff Provenzano

A few things to know about the new Infinity MARD:

  • IT'S FREE. One of the philosophies at VSE has always been that safety should not be an added charge. The Infinity MARD is installed into each new custom rig at no added expense.
  • In order to create a MARD that could be pin checked and also be the most dependable MARD available, Infinity relocated the AAD window to the backpad of the rig.
  • During the MARD testing program, VSE had a 100% capture rate on each cutaway. This means there wasn't a single premature release during any malfunction. 
  • VSE has left the final configuration up to the owner of the rig. Every Infinity will be built and shipped with the MARD components and the owner of the rig will be able to configure it however they want -- MARD setup, just an RSL, or good old-fashioned ripcord-only deployment of the reserve.


VSE wanted to create a MARD that they could say with confidence WILL work when it’s called upon. With a mechanical MARD, they’ve changed the thinking process, and the point at which the “decision” is made to deploy via MARD or reserve pilot chute. VSE added a “trigger tab” that securely locks the MARD to the reserve freebag bridle when it is extracted during an RSL/MARD deployment. This also allows VSE to have a VERY low release force from the MARD in the event of a total malfunction or low speed reserve deployment, unlike most aerodynamic MARDs that require a sacrificial tack of thread to help them stay attached at higher speeds, but may prevent the reserve pilot chute from doing it’s job at low speeds. Because of this, VSE feels that they have the most “transparent” MARD available when considering how it integrates with commonly taught emergency procedures (meaning it acts more like a standard RSL when considering EP’s).

The Infinity MARD consists of a trigger tab with a stainless steel locking pin on one leg, a grommet in the other leg, and a loop attached to the reserve bridle. During packing, the trigger tab is inserted into a pocket on a sub flap, then the loop is passed through the grommet and the pin is inserted through the loop.

Partial Malfunction

During a partial malfunction/RSL deployment, the RSL pulls the reserve pin, and extracts both legs of the MARD from the sub flap, locking the RSL to the reserve bridle and preventing a premature release during deployment. 

Total Malfunction

During a total malfunction, the leg with the grommet is free to move, but the trigger tab holds the locking pin stationary so when the bridle pulls on the loop, it pulls the grommet away from the pin, releasing the loop. 

Read more on the Infinity MARD at this link.

To start the order process, you need to complete your rig configuration via the online Infinity 3D Designer and Order Generator at this link:

3D Designer Infinity Order Form

Fill out your colors, options and contact info. See the Measurement Video for help taking measurements at the bottom of this page. During the process you will select ChutingStar HQ (Georgia) as your dealer directly under the e-mail line. Once the order is submitted, we will receive your order and we we will contact you to review the order, make any necessary changes and give you the final price with options/shipping before submitting your order into production with the manufacturer, Velocity Sports Equipment.

Payment can be made through adding this Infinity Gear Package to your online cart with payment.

If you have any technical issues with the online Infinity 3D Designer, you can download the order form at this link:

Fillable Infinity Order Form

Upload the completed order form with your online order at the file upload link.

You can also download the VSE Coloring Book page, which gives you a blank slate with their designs to color by hand at this link. The completed order form be uploaded at the link above.

Custom Main Canopy Order Forms can be found in the individual listing of the canopy you are choosing and then also uploaded above.

More Information
Price $9,610.00
Brand Velocity Sports Equipment
Articulation Availability Hip, Chest & Hip, None
Padding Options Available Spacerfoam Padding, Standard Padding
Chest Strap Widths Available Type 17 Narrow 1", Type 8 Wide 1 23/32"
Cutaway Handles Available Pillow
Fabrics Available Cordura 1000
Hardware Type Availability Cadmium, Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel
Main Deployment Handles Available Freefly Handle, Hackey, Monkey Fist, Plastic PVC Pipe
Reserve Handles Available Mini Stainless D-Ring, Pillow, Stainless D-Ring
Riser Cover Types Available Tuck Tab
Riser Sizes Available Type 17 1" (mini-risers), Type 17 Folded 1" (swoop risers), Type 8 1 23/32" (wide risers)
RSL Options Standard RSL
Toggle Types Available Velcro, Velcroless
Kill Line Pilot Chute Availability Included
Hook Knife Pouch Availability Yes
Cut In Laterals Availability Yes (at extra charge), Floating Laterals
Name Embroidery Available Yes (at extra charge)
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