Parachute Rigging Services

ChutingStar began as one rigger with a small cupboard of tools in an apartment in 1999. Today, our staff includes a Senior Rigger, two Master Riggers and the Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner for Georgia. Our full-service loft includes traditional parachute rigging, packing and repairs, but also offers rigger courses, rigger testing and escrow services. Additionally, if you’re looking to sell your gear, we may be interested!

Parachute Rigging Services
Gear maintenance is necessary extending the life of your gear, adhering to USPA safety requirements and complying with FAA regulations. Our full-time loft contains an extensive inventory of 16 sewing machines including a computerized Juki Bartacker for building linesets and a Class 7 Singer for harness repairs. Gear can be shipped to us directly or dropped off in our showroom. If you are interested in having services performed on your gear, please print the form below. You will need to include in your package, or bring with your gear when dropping it off at our shop. If shipping your gear to ChutingStar, please insure your package for the value of your gear. All gear is signed for on our dock so you will know when it arrives.

Rigging Services Form (Please print).

When your gear arrives, it is taken up to our rigging loft. We will complete the inspection form and provide additional information regarding the condition of your rig. Should any other repairs be warranted, we will contact you.

Once complete, we will contact you to arrange for payment on final services and shipping/insurance.

If you are local, you can pick up your rig and pay for services at that time. Rigs can be picked up in our loft Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. If you need to pick up after hours or on the weekend, please contact us and let us know as we may be able to give you alternative pickup options.

Escrow Services
If you are interested in using our escrow services, you will need to make arrangements to have the gear shipped to our rigging loft. The gear will be inspected and you will be provided with a copy of the report.

If you decide to purchase the gear, you will need to make payment arrangements with the seller. We will release the gear once payment has been received.

If you decide not to purchase the gear, you or the seller will need to contact us to arrange for shipping and make payment for the inspection and return shipping.

Read more about our program in the blog article, "Used Gear Inspections and Escrow".

Selling Gear to ChutingStar
We don’t buy everything, but we do buy items that our customers are looking for and/or that we know we can find a customer for in the near future. Most likely, you will get more money for your used gear selling it independently. However, if you are looking to earn quick cash, this is the right service for you. These steps below must be followed before sending your used gear to ChutingStar.

  • Used Gear Submission Form (Please print).
  • Fill out the Gear Submission Form and e-mail it to [email protected]. If you have photos, please include those with your e-mail to us. It may aid in our initial decision on your gear.
  • We will respond within 1 week with the exact item or items we are interested in, along with a price range we will pay for the items based on our final inspection.
  • If you choose to send your gear to us, include your original form and our response e-mail with your used gear.
  • Once received at ChutingStar, you will receive an e-mail that your gear has arrived.
  • Within 1 week we will e-mail our final offer based on our gear inspection.
  • Once we receive your approval response on the offer, a check will be sent to the address you provided within 7 – 10 days.
  • Read more about our program in the blog article, "ChutingStar Buys Used Gear!"
Parachute Rigger Courses
A few times a year, ChutingStar will conduct a 10-day parachute rigger school for those interested in earning an FAA Senior Rigger Certificate. The course is held in our rigging loft and leads up to the Senior Rigger Tests. If you are thinking about becoming a rigger, read our blog article "So you wanna be a parachute rigger?".

Courses are announced on social media and online. If you decide to participate, you will need to Register for the Rigging Course. The course fills up quickly. Be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so you are notified of openings and future course dates.

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