CamEye II D-Plug Converter


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CamEye II D-Plug Converter.

This converter changes your CamEye II LANC plug into a Sony "D" Plug for CX-series and similar Sony cameras.

Currently available in two different configurations: 90-Degree D-Plug with Debrief Port or Straight D-Plug.

The CamEye II D-Plug Converter only works with the CamEye II. It does not work with the older CamEye.

Choose configuration above.

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Price $44.00
Brand Ranch Pro Shop
Camera Compatibility * High Definition on Hard Disk Drive (AVCHD) HDR-SR1 HDR-SR5 HDR-SR5C HDR-SR7 HDR-SR8 HDR-SR10 HDR-SR10D HDR-SR11 HDR-SR12 * High Definition on Memory Stick (AVCHD) HDR-CX7 HDR-CX12 HDR-TG1* HDR-CX100 HDR-CX110 HDR-CX150 HDR-CX300 HDR-CX350 HDR-CX500 HDR-CX550 * High Definition on disc (AVCHD) HDR-UX5 HDR-UX7 HDR-UX10DVD HDR-UX20DVD High Definition on tape (HDV) HDR-HC3 HDR-HC5 HDR-HC7 HDR-HC9 Hard Disk Drive DCR-SR42A DCR-SR45 DCR-SR62 DCR-SR65 DCR-SR82 DCR-SR82C DCR-SR85 DCR-SR100 DCR-SR200 DCR-SR220 DCR-SR220D DCR-SR300 DCR-SR300C DVD DCR-DVD105 DCR-DVD108 DCR-DVD205 DCR-DVD305 DCR-DVD308 DCR-DVD403 DCR-DVD405 DCR-DVD408 DCR-DVD505 DCR-DVD508 DCR-DVD610 DCR-DVD710 DCR-DVD810 DCR-DVD910 * MiniDV DCR-PC1000 DCR-HC21 DCR-HC26 DCR-HC28 DCR-HC36 DCR-HC38 DCR-HC46 DCR-HC48 DCR-HC52 DCR-HC62 DCR-HC90 DCR-HC96 * International * High Definition on Hard Disk Drive (AVCHD) HDR-SR10E HDR-SR11E HDR-SR12E HDR-SR5E HDR-SR7E HDR-SR8E * High Definition on Memory Stick (AVCHD) HDR-CX6EK HDR-CX11 HDR-CX105 HDR-CX115 HDR-CX155 HDR-CX550 HDR-CX520 HDR-TG3 HDR-TG7 * High Definition on disc (AVCHD) HDR-UX19E HDR-UX3E HDR-UX7E * High Definition on tape (HDV) HDR-HC3E HDR-HC5E HDR-HC7E HDR-HC9E * Hard Disk Drive DCR-SR32E DCR-SR35E DCR-SR55E DCR-SR52E DCR-SR72E DCR-SR75E DCR-SR210E DCR-SR32E DCR-SR52E DCR-SR72E DCR-SR90E DCR-SR190E DCR-SR290E DVD DCR-DVD92E DCR-DVD110E DCR-DVD310E DCR-DVD410E DCR-DVD105E DCR-DVD106E DCR-DVD109E DCR-DVD202E DCR-DVD203E DCR-DVD205E DCR-DVD306E DCR-DVD403E DCR-DVD404E DCR-DVD405E DCR-DVD406E DCR-DVD505E DCR-DVD506E * MiniDV DCR-PC1000E DCR-HC24E DCR-HC27E DCR-HC35E DCR-HC37E DCR-HC44E DCR-HC45E DCR-HC46E DCR-HC47E DCR-HC51E DCR-HC62E DCR-HC94E DCR-HC96E
Product Compatibility CamEye II
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