UPT Vector Complete RSL

UPT Vector Complete RSL

UPT Vector Complete RSL
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UPT Complete RSL.

The UPT Reserve Static Line for Vector and Sigma containers with or without Skyhooks.

The UPT RSL comes in 2 different base configurations:

  • For Skyhook or Skyhook-ready V3 sport containers, Sigmas and Micro Sigmas

  • For non-split cutaway housing V3 sport containers (no Skyhook)

All Skyhook or Skyhook-ready containers have a split in the cutaway housing in the yoke near the reserve pin cover flap.

After that is determined, then you need to know your OSA measurement, which is noted on your container data label. The OSA is the 2nd number on the data label on the line for MLW. For example, if it says 18.5 +1, your OSA is a +1.

Available OSA measurements include:

  • OSA -1


  • OSA +1

  • OSA +2

  • OSA +3

Each RSL includes the black lanyard, stainless steel shackle and universal reserve pin. The Skyhook configurations also include the Yellow Collins Lanyard Mod (for the split cutaway housing) and the Red Skyhook lanyard, used for Skyhook setups.

Contact ChutingStar with the rig size/serial number and/or photo of your UPT data label if verification is needed on which RSL is needed for your container, or if you want to order an RSL with a Black Stainless Steel Shackle, which is $5 additional.

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UPT Vector Complete RSL