Writing a Solid Product Review

Write reviews on the products you buy and use, and earn points to get more gear. You help your fellow skydivers as well as yourself at the same time! Reward points are automatically added to your SuperStar$ account when your review is approved and posted on ChutingStar.com.

Every product page on our web site has a link to write a review. Here's how to do it:
  • Login
  • Click to the product you want to review on ChutingStar.com
  • Underneath the product name, click on the "For Product Reviews" link
  • Rate & write about the product
  • Click Submit Review
  • We'll do the rest!
Here are some pointers to make sure your review gets approved:
  • Show emotion! If you love it, scream it! If the product helps you enjoy skydiving more, let everyone know.
  • Your review should reflect your experience with products purchased from ChutingStar. How do you use it, how often do you use it and what does it do well, or not so well?
  • Detailed reviews are most helpful to others. Tell your fellow skydivers how it compares with similar products, specific features that you like (or don’t like), or a problem you had and how you resolved it.
  • We do approve positive and negative reviews, especially if they are constructive. If you had a problem with a product, explain the problem or how you dealt with it. Some reviews may be passed on directly to the manufacturer of the product to further help you, them and future users.
  • If we determine your review is not helpful to a skydiver, or that you are trashing the manufacturer without giving them an opportunity to fix an issue, or that you're not a ChutingStar customer and/or we can't verify you actually use the product being reviewed, we will not post your review.
Thanks for contributing to our community of skydivers. We look forward to reading your product reviews and posting them on ChutingStar.com!

~ ChutingStar Crew