The ChutingStar Crew

Mike G.
Mike Gruwell, Owner; Sales, Product & Marketing
@ChutingStar - Since 1999
Skydiver - 6,100+ Jumps since 1995
FAA Master Rigger & Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner
Former AFF/Tandem Instructor, Safety & Training Advisor & USPA Southeast Regional Director
4-way competitor, Canopy Piloting competitor, PRO Demo jumper, Videographer
Countless hours in wind tunnels; currently at iFly Atlanta at least twice a month
Writer for the ChutingStar Rant & Rave Blog
Occasional writer for Blue Skies Mag, Parachutist, Skydive The Mag, Australian Skydiver & Article on Mike Gruwell & ChutingStar
Eclectic Arts Interview with Mike Gruwell
Loves Drumming, Skydiving, Skating, Ultra Running, Hiking, Any & All time with Family
One Drummer Drumming: Original Music & Drum Tracking web site at this link
Drummer for Red Hot Empty
Stephanie G.
Stephanie Gruwell, Owner; Operations & Finance
@ChutingStar - Always in All Ways
Former skydiver - 98 Jumps
Keepin' the dream alive for Mike G.
Mom and Sci-FI Geek
Fraud Squad Implementation Manager at Signfyd
Laura Bales
Laura Bales, Sales & Service Manager
@ChutingStar - Since 2011
Skydiver - 500+ Jumps
ChutingStar Boogie Crew
USPA Coach
Big Steve Haseman
Big Steve Haseman, Rigging Loft Manager
@ChutingStar - Since 2012
Skydiver - 6500+ total Jumps, 3000 tandems, 50 BASE Jumps
FAA Master Rigger back, seat and chest
Videographer, Coach, RW, Freefly and PRO Demo Jumper
Former PRO Competitive Canopy Pilot, former S&TA and retired Tandem Instructor
Lead Instructor for ChutingStar's Senior Parachute Rigger Certification School
Henry Kochen
Henry Kochen, Shop Manager & Video Production
@ChutingStar - Since 2015
4700+ Jumps
FAA Senior Rigger, USPA Coach, USPA tandem Instructor
Videographer, Surfer, Skater and other fun stuff
Caterer with Nonna's Delights Personal Catering
Austin Young
Austin Young, Warehouse & Shipping Manager
@ChutingStar - Since 2013
1 Tandem Skydive
Outdoor Adventurer! Dirt Biking, Caving, Camping, Swimming and Hiking
Ginny Ellis
Ginny Ellis, Accounting Manager
@ChutingStar - Since 2016
Always have 2 feet on the ground
Hobbies include sewing, grandchildren, puppy and occasional gambling
Clint Gruwell
Clint Gruwell, Swag Bag Production
@ChutingStar - From the beginning
Advisor, Supporter, Construction, You Name It...
Christian, husband, father, papa, "clad"
Wood Worker
Go Georgia Tech!
Jamie Gruwell
Jamie Gruwell, Coin Roller & Web Site Tester
@ChutingStar - Since Birth
Music Playlist Master, Video Game Playa, Big Brain, Skater
High School Senior, Bassist
GAA Level 10 Men's Team Gymnast
Nathan Gruwell
Nathan Gruwell, Coin Roller & Product Tester
@ChutingStar - Since Birth
Comic Relief, Video Game Playah, Trampoline Lover, Skater
High School Senior, Saxophonist
GAA Level 10 Men's Team Gymnast