The ChutingStar Crew

Mike G.
Mike Gruwell, Owner; Sales, Product & Marketing
@ChutingStar - Always
Skydiver - 6,100+ Jumps since 1995
FAA Master Rigger & Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner
Former AFF/Tandem Instructor, Safety & Training Advisor & USPA Southeast Regional Director
4-way competitor, Canopy Piloting competitor, PRO Demo jumper, Videographer
Countless hours in wind tunnels; currently at iFly Atlanta at least twice a month
Writer for the ChutingStar Rant & Rave Blog
Occasional writer for Blue Skies Mag, Parachutist, Skydive The Mag, Australian Skydiver & Article on Mike Gruwell & ChutingStar
Tunnel Rats Magazine with article on Mike Gruwell & ChutingStar
Loves Drumming, Skydiving, Skating, Ultra Running, Hiking, Any & All time with Family
Serves on West Ridge Church and New Season Church worship teams behind the drum kit
Mike's Drum Tracking and Original Music at web site at this link
Stephanie G.
Stephanie Gruwell, Owner; Operations & Finance
@ChutingStar - 20 years
Former skydiver - 98 Jumps
Keepin' the dream alive for Mike G.
Mom and Sci-FI Geek
Fraud Squad Implementation Manager at Signfyd
Laura Kunz
Laura Bales, Sales & Service
@ChutingStar - 9 years
Skydiver - 500+ Jumps
ChutingStar Boogie Crew
USPA Coach
Big Steve Haseman
Big Steve Haseman, House Rigger
@ChutingStar 8 years
Skydiver - 6000+ Jumps, 50 BASE Jumps
FAA Master Rigger
Safety & Training Advisor, Tandem Instructor, Videographer
PRO Competitive Canopy Pilot and PRO Demo Jumper
Lead Instructor for ChutingStar's Senior Parachute Rigger Certification School
Henry Kochen, Sales & Service
@ChutingStar - 5 years
1000+ Jumps
FAA Senior Rigger, USPA Coach, USPA tandem Instructor
Videographer, Surfer, Skater and other fun stuff
Member of Rise Up skydiving team
Austin Young, Warehouse
@ChutingStar - 7 years
1 Tandem Skydive
Outdoor Adventurer! Dirt Biking, Caving, Camping, Swimming and Hiking
Clint Gruwell, Swag Bag Production
@ChutingStar - 15 years
Advisor, Supporter, Construction, You Name It...
Christian, husband, father, papa, "clad"
Wood Worker
Go Georgia Tech!
Jamie Gruwell, Coin Roller and Web Site Tester
@ChutingStar - Since Birth
Video Game Playa, Trampoline Lover, Skater
Double Bassist for GYSO Camerata, Learning Drums, Piano & Electric Bass, Student
GAA Men's Team Gymnast
Nathan Gruwell, Coin Roller and Web Site Tester
@ChutingStar - Since Birth
Video Game Playah, Trampoline Lover, Skater
Saxophonist for GYSO Jazz, Pianist, Student
GAA Men's Team Gymnast