Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service

Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service

Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service
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Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service.

As of January 30, 2017, Advanced Aerospace Designs has required all battery replacements for all versions of its Vigil units be done at AAD in Belgium or Vigil America in the U.S. You can send units either back directly to either location, or send a unit to a dealer or rigger, such as ChutingStar, to have it sent out and returned to you, or installed back in your rig. Allow 1-2 weeks for the battery replacement service.

This Vigil AAD Battery Service includes a firmware upgrade service on the unit. Any other repairs that are needed will be extra, and you will be contacted if extra repairs are needed.

Only Vigil II, 2+ and Cuatro units can have the battery service completed. The original Vigil I unit no longer has a battery available. The AAD Product Advisory ADV-01-2017, details the battery replacement condition and service at this link.

Vigil II, 2+ & Cuatro Dual Battery Pack

  • The battery pack is composed of 2 Tadiran lithium AA cells located in the lower half of the case.

  • The battery pack works at a temperature range between -13°F and +158°F or -25°C and +70°C.

  • The battery’s life span is ±5 years or min 2000 jumps and must be replaced after 10 years.

  • Positive connector locking system (Patent N°2002/0573) only Vigil II.

  • NATO Stock Number: (NSN) 6130-13-119-7106

Pulses Plus Element

  • The “Pulses Plus” technology supplies the high peak current necessary for the cutter to activate and cut the loop instantaneously (in less than 2 milliseconds).

  • HLC for high pulse current Patented technology

  • This Pulses Plus element in power pack has an operational lifetime of 20 years and does not need to be replaced.


  • As mentioned in the manual, AAD has estimated a battery life span of 4 years or 700 jumps for the Vigil I and 5 years or 2000 jumps for Vigil II.

  • Now after more than 13 years of experience in the field, AAD is able to confirm that the battery life span is higher than expected.

  • It will last for at least 1.500 jumps or minimum 5 years. No need to change the battery as long as the message “Bat Low” or “Bat Rpl” does not appear on screen. See also latest information below.

Please include a copy of our Service Order Form with your details when sending in the unit for service.

Service Order Form

Detail Information

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Vigil AAD Battery Replacement Service
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