Mirage G3/G4 Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Mirage G3/G4 Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Mirage G3/G4 Reserve Freebag/Bridle
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Mirage Freebag & Bridle for the G3 and G4 harness/containers.

Mirage G3 and G4 freebags and bridles, all sizes. Please specify model and size of Mirage when ordering. If you have lost your freebag/bridle from a cutaway, you will also need a Mirage Reserve Pilot Chute, which is available separately from ChutingStar.com.

ChutingStar stocks every size of Mirage freebag/bridle to get you back in the air asap.

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Mirage G3/G4 Reserve Freebag/Bridle