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  1. Altitron Digital Altimeter

    Altitron Digital Altimeter


    The Altitron Digital Altimeter by ParaSport Italia is an advanced instrument offering new functions, but has been designed for ease of use. Its back-lighted, high-contrast display, has been specifically developed to be clearly readable in all lighting conditions, while the compact and ergonomic case allows the unit to be used on wrist, hand or inside the transparent arm pocket of your jumpsuit. The Altitron comes setup as a wrist mount or hand mount with fingerloop from the factory. Also for those who buy the Wrist Mount, an optional spare hand mount strap with fingerloop can be added from if you want to switch the mount at any time. Learn More
  2. N3 Visual Audible Altimeter

    N3 Visual Audible Altimeter


    The N3 is our most popular "all-in-one" digital visual and audible altimeter. The N3 features an anodized aluminum case, rechargeable battery, mini-USB connection, rugged glass lens and is waterproof. The N3 stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs. The N3 has 8 selectable alarm groups and allows you to customize your alarm tones and independently set measurement units. Learn More
  3. QUATTRO Audible Altimeter

    QUATTRO Audible Altimeter


    GO BIG with the QUATTRO™ audible altimeter from Larsen & Brusgaard! The QUATTRO™ audible altimeter is the latest in micro technology and features the most advanced programming for accurately measuring freefall & canopy descent rates. Learn More
  4. Viplo V.10 Limited Edition Altimeter

    Viplo V.10 Limited Edition Altimeter


    Viplo V.10 Limited Edition Analog Skydiving Altimeter! Learn More
  5. Optima II Audible Altimeter

    Optima II Audible Altimeter


    L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA II™! The OPTIMA II™ is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection. Learn More
  6. Optima II Audible Altimeter + Visual Warning Port

    Optima II Audible Altimeter + Visual Warning Port


    Hail the return of the visual warning light for audible altimeters! L&B has made the ability to increase your altitude awareness by adding a visual LED port to warn you at the altitudes you set. Learn More
  7. Solo II Audible Altimeter

    Solo II Audible Altimeter


    The Solo II is the industry standard for freefall audible altimeters. All new software and design to make the world’s favorite audible altimeter even easier to use with the quality construction and accuracy you have come to expect from Larsen & Brusgaard. Learn More
  8. Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist-Mount GPS

    Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist-Mount GPS


    Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist-Mount GPS. Learn More
  9. Suunto Core Classic Altimeter Watch

    Suunto Core Classic Altimeter Watch


    The Suunto Core altimeter has everything you could want with an altimeter watch plus a style that can be worn in any gathering. Building on the success of the Suunto Vector, the Suunto Core keeps you informed with an accurate altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, Weather Trend Indicator and digital compass. The mineral crystal glass face is scratch-resistant and can handle the outdoor elements. The Suunto Core is used as an altimeter by experienced skydivers, base jumpers, hikers, climbers and skiers around the world Learn More
  10. Tactical ARES Digital Altimeter

    Tactical ARES Digital Altimeter


    Tactical ARES Digital Skydiving Altimeter. The ARES was originally manufactured for tactical skydiving applications, but many of the added features are desired by sport skydivers as the ARES does everything the VISO II+ does plus more! Learn More
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