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used L&B Optima
Vector V344, 5'8" 165lb: Stiletto 150, PDR 143 expired cypres
Mariner Navy Stance Socks
Owens Stance Socks
Sequoia Navy Stance Socks
The Boss Stance Socks
Tacoma Stance Socks
Kamea Stance Socks
Compound Stance Socks
Used Suunto Vector
ChutingStar Main Mini-Risers
CSU Class of 2014 Boogie Registration
Never Assembled BigBoy Infinity: 6' , 200lb,  230 canopies
Build Your ChutingStar Concrete Star Skateboard
ChutingStar Concrete Star Skateboard Deck
Used Cookie Ozone with Dual Top Mount XL
Toy Machine Sect Eye Crew Socks
Toy Machine Sect Eye Houndstooth Crew Socks
Toy Machine Sect Eye Herringbone Crew Socks
Toy Machine Monster Face Crew Socks
Toy Machine Face Crew Socks
WRYD Telescoping GoPro Camera Pole
GoPro Sportsman Mount
Used Javelin TJN 5'5" 130lb: Spectre 150, PDR126, Cypres2  (09/12)

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